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*Food Analysis Website: Will help you determine which foods are high in copper so you can avoid them!

September 6, 2014

Hello Folks!

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Life gets us side-tracked sometimes. Back on the research wagon and working hard at it. I have been trying to find new ways to feel better. And like most of you know, that can be exhausting and feel like a full-time job. Any little bit of new and good info I find I like to share it to save someone time and the agony of research.

I have gone back to really looking at what I am eating as a means of feeling better. The following website is one of the best I have found so far. Great info and a detailed nutritional analysis of foods. This will help you figure out which copper rich foods to avoid. Since getting copper overload I have been extremely sensitive to most foods. Especially grains, chocolate, nuts, seeds, shellfish, avocados, mushrooms, fruits, and dark meats. These foods tend to be high in copper and not high enough in zinc to do the proper balancing our body needs. Lately, I’ve been checking all my foods on here to see if I have slipped back into casually eating crap that I should be avoiding. I eat alot of sweet potatoes. And recently discovered they are one of the tubers highest in copper. So you see, it’s easy to think you are eating healthy only to find out that certain foods you are consuming may be adding to your symptoms. Follow your intuition and listen to your body. If you get slightly “weird” after eating something it may be worth a look to check it on this website:

It’s difficult to discern sometimes which foods are causing which symptoms. Especially of you are sensitive to everything like me. But overtime and with practice your awareness does get better. I am able to “hear” my body better now than in the previous years. We get beaten into submission by the horrible consequences of eating foods that are copper rich. The side effects of eating copper rich foods for me are: heart palpitations, extreme fatigue, speedy feeling, anxiousness, headaches, spacey feeling, panic, fear, easily angered, and the over-all inability to cope.

I still haven’t found a practitioner that has helped me in quite sometime. This is discouraging to say the least. We are all so different and finding someone that can help us “figure” ourselves out can be difficult. I haven’t given up hope yet. And if any of you folks out there have any new info or health practitioners that have really made a difference in your healing process please DO SHARE this valuable info on my blog for us all! Thank you! And wishing you all optimal health everyday!


Robin Eckert
Certified Personal Trainer
Licensed Aesthetician

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