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*Best Video discussing Copper Overload: Presented by Mensah Medical

March 25, 2014

Hello Everyone,

I recently discovered a new video discussing copper overload!  It is the best I have seen to date!   Lots of great information and well presented.  Check it out at:

You may have to copy and paste the link.

Great stuff.


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  1. Sarah permalink

    Hi Robin. I’ve been doing nutritional balancing the last two years and just found out about a homozygous variation on both an mthfr and cbs.
    I’ve been debilitated for 3 years. Dr Ecks program really helped me more than anything overcome how crazy sick I was in the beginning. but I started having trouble with the supplements and soon after got my 23&me results. Now I’m taking a break from the supplements and working with an ND who is studying Ben Lynch and Amy Yasko. I really would love to continue NB, as I believe in it’s effectiveness overall. Just have to decide which direction to go or find a way to integrate the two.
    In the meantime I’m learning about the mind’s ability to heal the body. Why not.
    Some do say that getting the minerals all good and balanced can untrigger the mutations. Idk, cause what does one do if they can’t take the supplements.
    I can’t even believe this has become my life sometimes. So many dreams….
    Anyway, I feel you, Girl.
    Maybe I’ll see you in the fb groups or something..
    I know who Shawn Bean is from there.
    I hope you can sorry this out soon! I know some people doing great getting to the bottom of out. Fingers crossed for us both!

    • Hi Green Heart Life,

      Wow. You are one of the few people that seems to be on the same track of healing as I am. I am sorry to hear about your genetic mutations. Yes it is worrisome to think you cant take supplements now. However I really do believe that once they help get those pathways up and running things will start to turn around. I am hopeful for the first time in a long time. I have been off all supplements (except magnesium and vita D) for almost a year now and I feel much better now than I did on lots of supps. I think giving the body time to process things out is extremely important for those like us who have problems methylating. I truly wish you well and would love to keep in touch. Please keep me posted on your progress and if you discover something that really makes a difference for you in your healing. All the best and wishing you optimal health everyday.


  2. Kathy permalink

    I am a patient at Mensah Medical for copper overload. They have a very different take on methylation. You might want to check in with them. Wish you the best!

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