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*NRT helped this Woman detox Copper and other Heavy Metals

May 11, 2013

Hello Friends!

I was so happy to find this email this morning! I hope you find it as inspiring as I do!  NRT works to help detox heavy metals in a safe manner.  Read the following email I recently got to hear how one woman is getting her health back after copper toxocity:

Hi Robin,

It’s Evonne!  I am just checking in to find out how you’re doing and also to give you a huge thank you: THANK YOU! 🙂
I decided to go the NRT route as well, and so far all seems to be going very well.
I see the NRT practitioner every week and have been moving my heavy metals fairly quickly.  The copper didn’t show up until last week interestingly enough.  The practitioner said that it is up to my body, and my body seemed to want to tackle some of the other metals first (aluminum, mercury, and a couple of others have been removed).  New stuff has been showing up once I eliminate one thing, but she says that is awesome and typically peoples bodies eliminate one at a time, so it shows that my body is ready to feel better.
One huge issue for me is my thyroid.  In retrospect, I think it might have been malfunctioning for years and then it finally just gave up (for lack of better words lol).  She said when I came in, on a scale of 0-10, my thyroid function was 0!  She said now it is a 3!  I mean  it is not a 10 but it’s only been 6 weeks 🙂
I was curious to ask you exactly how long have you been doing the NRT and do how often do you go now?  Is this a life-long therapy or does our bodies eventually “reboot” and start working properly by being able to detox itself even when “bad/wrong” foods are occasionally eaten or if we want to have a drink once in a while without feeling so awful afterward.
I am particularly interested about the exercising.  I, like you, cannot tolerate exercise very well.  I used to be almost an exercise fanatic, now it makes me feel so awful and drains me instead of energizing me.  I am going to try yoga and see if that will help.  I used to run with a running group, but also can’t do that 😦  Any idea how long does it take to be able to safely workout again?  I miss it 😦
Today I felt like I was going to faint.  I got really really light headed and was definitely feeling very “off”.  Is that a detox symptom?  Did you experience anything like that?  I will go to my regular medical practitioner, but I don’t want to run to her if it is a common symptom.  Also I got a cyst on one of my lymph nodes on my elbow.  The NRT practitioner said that it is due to the detox. She said it will go away.  Did you experience anything similar?
Sorry for so many questions and for such a long email.  I am just extremely extremely happy that I came across your blog when I did and so far your recommendations have been spot on!  Thank you so much for sharing your experience and solution Robin!
I hope to continue to progress more and more and eventually get my life back.  The last 3 years has not been like living at all and although I can’t get those years back, I still feel so much encouragement in the thought that I can and will get better.
Please fill me in with how you when you have time 🙂
Thank you!!


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