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*Year Three: Find a Practitioner to Help you Detox Copper and other Heavy Metals

December 28, 2012

Good Morning Folks!

First I’d like to say that I hope you are all reading this in good health.   Good health is essential to our quality of life.  I have created this blog to document my progress while detoxing from copper and other heavy metals.  It has been three years of work and lots of suffering but I am feeling better and better every month.  The occasional setback  has occurred but for the most part, my path is now at a place of consistent gains.  As long as I am mindful and careful with my body and what I put in it, things do continually get better.

Some of you that have been following my blog, already know that much of my healing has been due to my discovery of Nutrition Response Testing or NRT.   NRT  is a clinically proven, non-invasive healing system of analyzing the body, via muscle testing and other various tools,  to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health.  Once the analysis is complete and information is gathered the practitioner may suggest supplements to facilitate healing.   The body literally tells the practitioner what it needs via the muscle testing, etc.   Our bodies are intelligent!
And if we ask the right questions and apply the right tools we can decipher what it needs.  The body has the full potential to repair itself, when it is given the right nutrients.  I am passionate about sharing this information as it was key in getting my health back.

If you’d like to learn more about NRT and healing from copper as well as other heavy metals, you can go to the NRT  website: 

Or if you would like to look for a NRT  practitioner in your area you can call 1-866-418-4801.

I cannot stress enough how helpful NRT  was for me.   NRT was THE MAIN HEALING SYSTEM that helped me slowly and carefully detox copper and other heavy metals at a rate that kept me healthy and still able to work and have some quality of life.  I am currently looking to  get certified as a NRT Practitioner myself in the coming new year.  That is how much I believe in the system and how much it has  helped me.

I wish you all the healthiest of New Year’s in 2013 and optimal health everyday!


Robin Eckert

Certified Personal Trainer

Licensed Aesthetician

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  1. Evonne permalink

    Robin, first of all, I am SO happy to have found your blog! I just received my hair analysis test results confirming that I too am a copperhead 😉 along with several other heavy metals. I too had taken the leap of faith from the online reading that I did from Dr. Wilson’s site (his site is what prompted me to get the hair analysis done), but now that I have the results and a VERY expensive supplement regimen (which I haven’t ordered yet), I came across your blog and now am wondering if NRT would be a better direction for me to go in too.

    If is it not too much to ask, or if you can email me maybe, could you tell me how much should I anticipate spending on weekly NRT visits and supplementation? Was it similar in price to the Endo-met supplements?

    Also, (sorry lots of questions-smile), I have read on Dr. Wilson’s site a lot about feeling awful (like worse than you already do, when detoxing and how this resurfaces over and over for quite possibly years.

    Have you found that to be the case with your therapy? How often did you feel crappy and for how long? Do you still feel crappy now sometimes and for how long?

    I truly appreciate all of the obvious knowledge and interest in helping others that Dr. Wilson shows by the extensive information that is on his website, however I just want to feel better preferably sooner than later and preferably without getting any worse than I already am (which is pretty bad already).

    Your blog is awesome and thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!


    • Hello Evonne,

      Thank you so much for writing me. I really appreciate it. It helps me alot also, in figuring things out. First, I will address your concerns about expense of supplements/NRT etc. When I was on Dr. Wilson’s program I purchased supplements several times, each time costing around $195.00. Plus the expense of hair analysis, etc. When I started NRT the initial expense was the office visit, around $150.00. Then as I continued seeing the NRT practitioner, each visit was $35.00. The NRT supplements are quite a bit less expensive then Endo-met supplements. Over the course of a year of NRT treatment I spent about $1500.00 (approx. $125.00/month). But it was well worth it to have my health back. Or at least almost back. Plus, I got tons of support from my practitioner which I didn’t really have access to with Dr. Wilson’s program. I was able to see my NRT practitioner once a week until we got things to a manageable place.

      Unfortunately, it is true that sometimes you get worse before you get better. However, that is the whole point of having an NRT practitioner to see weekly, so that if you do have a major set back (“copper dump”), they can help adjust things and get you feeling better sooner. It’s very important not to detox too much too fast! And you may need help figuring that out. I still have bouts of toxicity and they can be pretty awful. However, they don’t last as long now. I am very careful with my diet. very careful. My issues with toxicity really are more with Iron now and not as much with copper. However, when I did have copper dumps sometimes it would take me months to just get a low level of normalcy back.

      Hang in there. Copper wreaks havoc on the nervous system and brain. And it can take quite awhile to recover from such a deep detox. Getting back in balance can be hard to achieve. I still have not regained the ability to exercise on a regular basis and have to nap and rest alot. I am able to take walks and do some light yoga though. If I was to make a recommendation regarding supplements I would say, start out slow. I found it best for me to take one supplement at a time. I would start with a low dose until I learned how my body was going to react. Then If that one went well I would try to next recommendation. etc. Baby steps.

      I hope this is helpful. If you have more questions that I didn’t answer please feel to contact me again. I wish for you that your detox is gentle and thorough. Thank you again so much for writing. It does get better. Keep persevering and take great care of yourself. Give yourself comfort where you can.

      Robin Eckert

  2. Thanks for sharing this post with us…nice work…Reiki Healing

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