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*Year Three: Healing from Heavy Metals and Copper Toxicity

November 9, 2012

Hello Friends,                                                                                                                                           November 9, 2012

I hope that you are reading this in good health.  This blog was created to document the  progress of detoxing heavy metals, especially copper, from my body, in hopes that it will help others that are struggling with heavy metal toxicity.   In June of 2009 I had a copper IUD put in as a form of contraceptive.  In just five short months later I was suffering drastically from copper toxicity.  Please feel free to read my first post regarding the debilitating symptoms that were a result of copper toxicity.  Although there were other environmental factors that contributed  to my toxicity, the copper IUD was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

After suffering horribly for months I started looking for someone to help me.  I spent lots of money searching for a professional that could help me with this problem.  Initially, I found a Dr. Larry Wilson in Prescott, AZ, who performed a hair analysis test and then recommended  supplements and diet changes  based on the results of that test.  I followed his regimen for about six months and saw little improvement.  In fact, I did indeed start to get worse towards the end.   When I talked to one of Dr. Wilson’s collegues, who I was working with at the time,  about my health getting worse, I was told to “stay the course” and that things might get worse before they get better.

At this point a friend of mine recommended someone here in Tucson, AZ that is a Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) Practitioner by the name of Holly Burgess.  Her contact info is :  520-241-7631.  I have been seeing her for one year and have had  tremendous positives results! I found the weekly  visits and constant observation from my practitioner to be more helpful than working with someone via the phone in Prescott.   Dr. Larry Wilson’s program may work for some but certainly did not work for me.

Nutrition Response Testing  (NRT) is a medical diagnostic and treatment system using muscle testing as a tool.  Once you have been assessed by a practitioner they may recommend supplements and dietary changes.  (Holly uses Standard Process Supplements, which I find to be of very high quality and have had great success with.)  Basically,  Holly put me through various tests from tracking heart rates to muscle testing.   Considering the results and my symptoms at the time,  she recommended different supplements at different times throughout the past year while we worked together.   If I wasn’t feeling well or supported by the supplementation we talked about it and maybe even retested things to see if  things had changed in my body. (ie:  body chemistry, which I learned is  changing constantly and may affect how I test from day to day.)  I have a quality of life back!  I  still have days where I need to rest more depending on how much I am detoxing that day.  But overall, I am feeling better and better each month.  My health is heading in a positive direction and I have hope that I will continue to feel better as I work with Holly and NRT.

It can be very discouraging to go through the process of detoxing from heavy metals and sometimes you may even feel a little crazy.  I am here to tell you that IT DOES GET BETTER  if you can hang in there.  I have completely detoxed my body of tin, aluminum, copper and mercury.  I still have some detoxing to do with iron and a small amount of lead.  And I still hate it when I  feel horrible from detoxing symptoms. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is a very physically difficult process to detox metal.  You feel like crap ALOT.   And being sick ALL of the time can be very isolating and lonely.   If I can be of encouragement to even ONE person, this blog will have been a huge  success for me.  If I can provide any information that will be helpful to anyone suffering from heavy metal toxicity please contact me and I will gladly share that.

Wishing you optimal health everyday.


Robin Eckert

Certified Personal Trainer

Licensed Aesthetician


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  1. Hi Robin! Thank you for sharing your story! I lived a similar process to yours and I am also looking for a way to go back to normal. In this process, and also to help other women going through the same hell, I started a yahoo group for women to share their experiences with copper iud and their strategies to recover from copper toxicity. In 3 months we are already 60! Only knowing that you are not alone is already helpful. You are welcome to join us. Also I started a blog in Spanish ( because I am from Argentina and there is almost no information in Spanish…
    I was happy to read you are doing better 🙂 I removed my iud 7 months ago and I am still struggling to get better. This past month I feel I am reaching a stable phase. Hopefully this will last.
    All the best to you.

    • Good Luck Florencia! thank you for your email. I will certainly check out your blog and yahoo page. Take care. Wishing you health and wellness everyday.

      Robin Eckert

  2. Ashlee permalink

    I find it highly unlikely you’ve detoxed your whole body of mercury. Have you taken alpha lipoic acid on the half-life for over two years? yeah, mercury’s half-life in the brain is 40 years.

  3. Abby permalink

    Only just discovered your blog a few weeks ago as I searched for encouraging stories about copper detox. I was wondering if you could share what aspects of Wilson’s programme you didn’t feel worked for you. Also, what have you found helped most?

    Abby 🙂

    • Hello Abby,
      First of all, thank you so much for your comment. It has helped me greatly to talk with others that are also dealing with copper toxicity. I still continue to work through detox symptoms and work towards optimal health everyday. There are several things that helped me with my detox process. I will try to list them in an order of priority.

      1. I first had to figure out where the copper was coming from (ie. copper iud, copper in drinking water, birth control pills, food, etc.) and eliminate as much copper consumption as possible until my symptoms settled down. In my case, I had to have my copper IUD (called Paragard, which currently has several women working on getting a class action lawsuit against them) removed. Then I had to work on not consuming foods that were high in copper. Which is hard because there is copper in ALOT of things. Especially nuts, mushrooms and shellfish.

      2. I discovered a book called “WHY AM I ALWAYS SO TIRED?” by ANN LOUISE GITTLEMAN . I learned a lot about foods, nutrition, and hair analysis testing through this book. Very helpful. Very inexpensive on

      3. I did a TON of research online to learn as much as possible about copper and detox.

      4. I discovered Dr. Wilson on line. I took a leap of faith and started Dr. Wilson’s program and continued for about six months. I saw an initial improvement for about two weeks but after that I consistently declined. I did some research and I discovered that the high doses of KELP that is recommended on that program is very stimulating to the thyroid. My thyroid was already over stimulated (as are most people’s who are detoxing copper because copper is a extremely stimulating metal) and I didn’t need to stimulate it more. By taking the KELP I was basically wearing out my thyroid and was left feeling extreme fatigue every minute of the day. Also, I didn’t feel that the guidance of Dr. Wilson and his colleagues was very good since they never physically saw me. I felt I needed support on a weekly basis and I wasn’t able to get that from Dr. Wilson’s people. I discontinued Dr. Wilson’s program and started seeing a Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) practitioner. She reported to me that I had a “Hidden Hyperactive Thyroid”. What was great about her was that she could test me every week for my body’s response to different foods and supplements that may or may not be working. I didn’t have to guess, I had her support and testing to help me figure it out. I have seen this practitioner for a little over a year now and am remarkably better. I have had some rough spots where I was extremely sensitive to certain supplements and had to back off of them for awhile. For example the detoxing supplements. I had to learn to detox very slowly and carefully.

      5. Getting with the right practitioner is key here. If you aren’t seeing some results on a consistent basis then you are with the wrong one. I went through many different doctors and naturopaths before I found the one that worked for me.

      6. Learning to trust my intuition about things that just didn’t feel right (IUD, Dr. Wilson) was very important in my learning of how to help myself get the proper support I needed to get well again. It is so scary not knowing what to do sometimes. But I found the more I listened to my body and my feelings, the more the choices I made helped me. If something just didn’t seem right, I looked into it. I researched it (like the kelp) and found the answers I needed.

      6. I have discovered that I am an extremely sensitive person both physically and emotionally. Most supplements effect me more so than most people. And I am also very sensitive to other people and their energy, as well as loud noises and smells. In general I am very sensitive. I am forced to remember that everyday and honor that by being careful with myself and what I expose myself to.

      I hope this has been helpful. If I had to choose one thing that has helped the most it would have to be my NRT practitioner. Without the supplement program and her guidance I don’t think I would be this much better today. But even before that you have to figure out the source of the copper or other heavy metal. I am in the process of creating a page on my blog that is a list of RESOURCES for anyone working through copper detox. I will be posting that sometime in the near future. Please don’t hesitate to contact me again if you need to. And thank you again for your comment. I learn a great deal by hearing from others. Hang in there. It does get better. Give it time and trust yourself.

      Take care.

      Wishing you optimal health everyday.

      Robin Eckert
      Certified Personal Trainer
      Licensed Aesthetician

  4. carl9821 permalink

    Year 3…. WTF, I was really hoping for a quick fix because I have been dealing with the toxicity for 2 and half years. Don’t think my brain and body could handle these detox symptoms for much longer. I’m losing the plot big time..haha

    Thanks for all this info though Robin, much appreciated.

  5. Dana permalink

    I think you should look into methylation with your copper toxicity issues and see mensah medical group… They have outreach clinics all across the United States… They are experts in copper toxicity and methylation and metal mineral metabolism disorder … I hope You’re aware that your genetics predispose you to copper retention… It’s a lifelong battle… But stress causes the body to increase copper calcium and sodium in the blood and dumps zinc and magnesium and potassium… If u had /have copper toxicity, u have a methylation issue… Please look into it… I was a former med student who tracked my illness back to its roots and then searched and searched for a qualified Dr… I found them when I finally found Dr William j Walsh and mensah medical group… They both have tons of videos on utube and your welcome to contact me as well…And if you have children, please be aware they suffer as well… I passed overmethylation and copper toxicity to all three of my children… And I’m thankful that after interviewing countless Dr’s I finally found Walsh /mensah.. They’re the first Dr’s I trusted to treat us… This is genetic but treatable through the precise nutrients needed for your methylation type and individual.biochemistry

  6. Andy permalink

    I feel just exactly like you. It all started about about 8 years ago .i had paraguard for 5 years and removed it because of high bipolar symptoms, very angry, I use to drink so I won’t deal with this issues. I was young therefore I belived that by changing IUDs to mirena iud, symptoms will get better . Horrible mistake I gained ten pounds, I have not lost, and had ghost periods, crying and drinking. Still diagnosed with bipolar while in counseling .i removed it after having it for two years. Since many counselors said I was bipolar and iud has nothing to do with my mood swings, anxiety and panic attacks I decided to go back to coppwr iud. I had the copper iud for 2 years.. My supposely bipolar symptoms whee getting out of control. Panic attacks are worst wity this iud than the iud I had 7 years ago. 2 weeks out of the month I was pmsing and 1 week out of the month I was bleeding.. Leaving me with one Week to feel okay and even then I had panic tracks , sadness. A month ago I hAd it and removed it. Today I’ve had-panic attacks, fatigue, headaches, armpit smell of metallic, sensitive to light, insomnia, out of control, anger, frustration. And before my period , my thoughts rush, I cry out of control I am mother , a student, a girlfriend and a local artist. All of this is getting out of control. This is not me , I’m the life of the party. I pray it will go away. nobody should live like this. I also did my research, and realized my body is in the middle of detox . For the past 7-8years, I’ve been putting these things in my body, believing that it was all in my head and I was only bipolar. Now I don’t know what to do. I am in grad school, and engaged. My children are so confused.My future husband tries to understand me, but how could he If I don’t understand it . Many people tell me it’s in my head.
    It’s been a month since I removed it and I thought it would get better, but it’s worst . Now I know that copper overload is real and for those woman who are thinking of getting an iud , DONT DO IT. The body is natural putting things will change your life . for some of us woman,we tend to be more fragile and sensitive. I do believe some people are more sensitive to everything than others.Today I patiently wait to recover from these toxic overload. I now have 7-8 years of toxicity to clean up. Can now somebody Plz tell me what to expect from now on. I have read every article, and forum.Can somebody Plz tell me what really works. I have only been off a month but it’s really hard.

    • Hi Andy,

      Wow. That all sounds like the horrible nightmare I have lived. Hang in there! Keep reseraching and take GREAT care with yourself. Your intuition is right. Just need to listen to it. Maybe you are detoxing too much at one time? I learned I had to take breaks from detoxing as it made me unable to function and work. I also struggled with bi-polar like symtoms….and they were totally related to my phyisiology and brain chemistry due to toxicity. When my toxicity got lower my brain/moods got better. It’s been six years for me and I am finaly getting some better. Addressing the MTHFR genetic disorder helped me alot. You may want to reserach it at I wish I could help more. I wish you health and healing very soon.


  7. j k varma permalink

    Hello: my son is having Wilson disease in which copper is not metabolise and remain in body he is on penicillamine therapy I want to know from you can u give list of copper free food and alternative method for copper removal

    • Hi. I am so sorry to hear that your son is struggling. I first have to say that I am not a doctor and cannot give any medical advice. I can only say what helped me. I don’t know anything about penicillamine so I can’t comment on that at all, sorry. If you would like to research low copper foods there are several websites that can help you with that. One that I use is As far as removing copper from the body it can be complicated. Everyone is different and it is always best to a have a medical practitioner, naturopath, or an expert help guide on this process. As I have mentioned in my blog. There is useful info in there. I see an Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)practitioner. I hope your son is feeling better soon. I know it can be overwhelming but just keep researching. Hang in there. I wish you all the best.


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