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*ups and downs, but persevering

September 27, 2011


Well, I thank you for continuing to check back on my blog and hope that it is of some help to those out there healing from metal toxicity.

I am writing again.  It has been some time since I have posted anything about my health and journey through copper toxicity.  I’ve been busy.  Learning how to recover that is.  And learning, as you may know, does take considerable time and energy.  Please understand there may be gaps of time between my writings as my body only allows for limited energy expense.

I have been on my specific diet and supplement program  for detoxing copper now for four months.  Many times i have fallen of the wagon and had to start over completely.  Which just makes the detoxing process all that much slower.  I have had many moments of weakness on this diet that is very rigid.   The idea is to simplify the diet so much so that the body can heal and start to detox.   This would seem simple when you have illness as  a motivating factor, however, it has been a difficult  lifestyle change for me to absorb.

The diet:

90 % vegetables,  10 % protein.  seems doable right?

let’s take a closer look.

no sugar, no vinegar, no grains (or very little), no dairy unless raw (except butter), no nuts, no flour, no wheat, no soy, no fruit, no alcohol, no cheeses, no salt (or again very little.), no tomatoes (which means no salsa!), no squash (too “yin” for healing), no cereal, no trail mix, no….no….no…..and no.  This is not a diet for the weak.  and make no mistake about it, right now, i am weak.

did i mention i love to cook and eat?  I’ve been in the restaurant business my entire life and have become a pretty good gourmet chef on my own rite.  Everything i would make had to have a sauce, the proper balancing elements, ingredients and textures, etc.    some of my favorite films are films about food and how it relates to our lives and our loves.  I’ve been cooking since i was 7 yrs. old and have a million cookbooks that i peruse often.  i have been a “foodie” my entire life.   this diet is and will be life altering on a level i am only beginning to comprehend.  I will have to get spiritual to do this.  and that is that.  no way around this one.

for 5 months now i have been irritable, sick, tired, not hungry, and down right miserable.  i am bored to death with my options for food. everything lacks flavor texture, and everything else i find desirable in a dish.     and there is nothing i can do about it.   i simply must stick to this diet to heal myself.

all of my life i have considered myself a very self disciplined woman.  from a physical perspective i was very fit and always made time to take care of my health and fitness.  i am a hard worker with a strong work ethic.  i worked hard at school when i was in college (even though academics never came easily for me).  In general i thought i had alot of discipline in comparison to the rest of the population.  humpfh.  if there is anything that will test your self discipline it  is this diet.    trust me.  for a brief moment when i was younger (and still needing to prove myself)  i competed in a bodybuilding contest and went on a strict diet to lean down my body.  i thought that was hard at the time.  well i am here to say, try doing that diet all the time…….. with no end in sight.   And see how disciplined you are then.

so, to say the least, it has been extremely challenging and emotional for me.  but i am persevering.

I hope that the longer i can go without falling off the diet the better i will feel.  i am already noticing a difference.  but my energy is still very minute to minute.  one day i have great energy the next i am completely in bed.  working has been difficult, but i am learning how to negotiate work with healing.  i understand it may take a great deal of time to heal my body.  it went through tremendous trauma from the copper toxicity and may need more time than what i think it should take to be well.  i am trying to be compassionate with my health and  body.  it is the runner of the show at the moment.  with out it, there’s not much show.

life has a way of beating us down.  it’s how we manage while we are down that is important.  the more compassion we can have for ourselves the more thorough our healing can be.  deep healing can be very difficult and takes great compassion.  i have never felt so victimized as i have with this metal toxicity experience.  but every time i fall back into that victim mind set i can feel my healing slowing.  what seems to work best for me is to stay current with what is happening TODAY.  good or “bad”,  i  embrace it.  for what other choice do i have?  resisting where i am at doesn’t seem to  help.  it just makes me feel bad.  don’t get me wrong…….there is alot of mourning that comes with that embracing. there have been/are many, many days of crying and wishing.    it hasn’t been easy to get to this way of thinking.  but i am glad i am here and continuing to arrive/survive. 🙂

i will continue to update on this blog my progress with the diet and supplement program.  i hope that those out there who are desperate or struggling with metal toxicity issues will not hesitate to share their pain, grief  or struggle with me if they feel comfortable to do so.  metal toxicity is a deeply difficult health issue that permeates every part of your life.  it’s extremely important to have emotional support during this time.  as always, i wish you perfect health and great joy in your life.  don’t give up.  i repeat, do not give up.   have compassion for yourself and do not give up.


PS:  the physican that has been of assistance with the detoxing process is Larry Wilson MD.  He lives in Prescott, AZ.  he is definately of the alternative healing world.   as far as metal detox goes i think you would find him very helpful.

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  1. Hello Robin,

    I really feel for you. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia in around 2009, and only yesterday (10 Feb 2013) found out I have copper toxicity. I found this article really interesting and informative I have been on the Gut and Psychology diet (GAPS) for around 7 months – on and off. It is strict too, but is turned around completely from your diet as it’s mostly meat, meat fat, stock, and hardly any veges to start with. The author is Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (nutrition). She is from Cambridge in the UK.

    I was referred to a doctor who is also a naturopath, and she sent me for blood tests, including the copper and zinc levels (which nobody else had bothered, or thought, to test for). She had a chart of supplements that the copper will bind to and remove the copper from the body. The company she uses make up the prescription supplements for me, so I’m not spending a fortune of separate bottles of supplements. I haven’t heard from them yet, and I have to pay them before they make them up (I think). Anyway, I’m looking forward to starting on the supplements and seeing how that goes. I was thinking of writing my progress up on my blog site as well, and your blog has inspired me to go ahead. It’s not easy, is it – some days I just don’t have the energy, plus I have a lot of pain in my forearms and hands, and back, legs…

    Like you, I also had a panic attack when I went to this new doctor, and she just thought I was a bit vague. I could hardly remember my own name, let alone my medical history, plus the medical history of my family. I’m sure you’ll get that!!!!

    Take care, Robin. I’ll let you know how I go on the new supplements when I get them.

    Cindy Nielsen

    • Hello Cindy,

      Thank you so much for writing me! It is always helpful to hear other people’s experiences. It sounds like you are on the right track and have found someone that guide you through the detox process. I might recommend going very slowly at first with the supplements until you know how much you will detox and how much your body can handle. In my case I had to learn the hard way. I would always get very excited when trying a new supplement and then would forget to pay attention and somehow would over do it and then the next thing I knew I was pummeled by detox symptoms again. That would always set me back for months sometimes. I had to learn to go very slow with the detox process. Supplements are very helpful though. I will check out the diet you are on. It sounds interesting. Thank you. Wishing you well and please do keep in touch and let me know how things go and especially if you need support. It is a hard road. Take care and remember to give yourself lots of comfort when detoxing.

      Robin Eckert
      Certified Personal Trainer
      Licensed Aesthetician

    • also a great resource is the book “Why Am I Always so Tired” by Ann Louise Gittleman. @

      gives you the basic understanding of copper and how it works in the body. Also has diet recommendations. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. It wouldn’t let me put the link for the article – tvernonlac [dot com forward slash] copper-toxicity [dot] html

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