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*Year Two: Healing from Heavy Metals and Copper Toxicity.

September 26, 2011

Hello.  My name is Robin and I’ve decided to start writing about my healing process.  I am not a physician and do not dispense any advice here for the general public.  This is my story of healing.  I hope it is of some help or comfort to others who are struggling with health issues stemming from a metal toxicity.   Specifically copper toxicity.

I am not a writer and don’t expect this to be a perfect literary work.  I just want to tell my story so that others may know they are not alone in their very long and difficult recovery from metal toxicity.

About two years ago my body became toxic with copper.  I suffered from racing heart rate and metabolism to panic attacks, horrible memory problems and adrenal issues that rendered me physically unable to work or have any quality of life.  It’s a long story as to how I got there and this blog is a documentation of that story.

In June of 2009 I had decided to try an IUD for birth control.  Being the kind of person who prefers more natural ways of medicine etc.,  I opted for the copper IUD rather than the hormone emitting IUD.  In my mind I justified that copper was a natural mineral and synthetic hormones were not.  Therefore, copper must be better for me.

Even though I had a ton of anxiety about getting the copper IUD, I discounted it, telling myself  I was being  a “nervous nelly”.    I struggled with the decision to get it, but in the end, had it put in anyway.  Completely ignoring my intuition.

Four months later I was having full blown panic attacks, racing heart rate, obsessive compulsive behaviors, paranoia, memory issues, brain fog, insomnia, fear,  muscle pain, headaches, weight loss, diarrhea,  thyroid “storms”, excessive bleeding with my periods, extreme fatigue, inability to concentrate, feeling faint (one time while i was driving!), and a myriad of other horrible symptoms.

At first I didn’t know what was causing it.  It had occurred to me that this may be from the IUD but was assured by my female gynecologist that could not happen.  Whatever, it happened.  But before I figured that out I continued to see doctors and suffered greatly for months and months.   Many of the docs were less than empathetic and simply thought I needed a psycho-tropic drug to help level off my brain chemistry.  Which I was not interested in.  I knew it was something more complex than that.  I knew that brain chemistry doesn’t just GET imbalanced.  There had to be a bigger underlying issue as to why i was getting so sick.  I saw regular MDs as well as all the specialists (endocrinologist, hem0tologist, gasteroenterologist, liver specialist, cardiologist, etc.)  All of the visits resulting in no help to me.

Bloodwork was drawn and urine was tested over and over again to no avail.   Finally I had a  phone conversation with my mom one day.   I was asking her questions about my childhood  health thinking maybe there was something we had missed.  Somehow our conversation touched on that fact that we had copper in our drinking water for several years when I was younger. ( I remember our sinks had turned green but we didn’t really think anything of it.)    WAMMO!  It hit me that my IUD is copper and maybe there was a correlation!  I immediately got online and searched side effects from copper IUDs and sure enough, right there in black and white, were ALL of my symptoms! I couldn’t believe it,  every single one!  I called a close friend of mine and explained ” I figured it out!”  The very next day I had the IUD removed by a NEW gynecologist.  Leaving my old, inept, and uneducated  gynecologist in the dust.  But not without eventually giving her a piece of my mind.

After I got the IUD removed I somehow thought my symptoms would miraculously disappear.  I was severely mistaken.  My symptoms continued.  For quite some time.  I also continued to see docs looking for ways to recalibrate or bring balance back into my body.  Again to no avail.  I don’t  think the docs I met with even believed me about the IUD/copper problem.  My health was still failing and working was almost impossible.

I struggled deeply with my mental states from day to day.  I plunged in to deep despair often.  And then there were days were I was euphoric followed by deep depression.  Followed by complete fatigue and exhaustion.  This went on for days and weeks sometimes.  Eventually I would somehow start to feel a little bit better and would think ,oh, ok, i’m over the hump, I’m getting better, only to crash again after a few months of low grade normalcy.

I avoided foods high in copper and tried to be careful with myself.  But it was never enough.  Somehow I would always fall back into a panicked and weakened state of very poor health both mentally and physically.   It’s a given that I was an emotional wreck almost all the time for more than a year.

Through all of my days of sickness I was encouraged by my close friend to continue to research my own health and push for more and better health care from my practitioners.  Which i did slowly learn to do.  I became better at communicating my symptoms and telling my docs what I needed from them.  It was very difficult at first because of the panic attacks that would happen when I was trying to tell the docs about my symptoms, but eventually I was able to center myself enough to come across to them as a sane but very sick individual.

Even though I wasn’t getting any answers or direction from these docs I WAS learning a lot about my body and symptoms as time went on.  I became more willing to listen to my intuition.  More vocal and clear about what my body (and brain) was doing.  Eventually I started to see naturopaths and alternative practitioners (which is what I had always done when i was younger, but somehow had gotten out of the habit.)  This seemed like the right direction  but was very expensive.  (IS very expensive.)  And I had to be careful about how much testing and supplementing I could have done due to lack of finances.

I needed help. I needed and expert.  Someone who deals with copper toxicity all the time.  In Tucson, AZ there is no one.  Trust me.  I’ve seen them all and came up with nothing.  No one understands copper and how it works in the body.  At least no one in Tucson.  I was extremely frustrated and felt completely  defeated.  But friends continued to support me and give me hope that I just needed to keep persevering.  Keep researching, looking and learning.  That I could figure it out.

After more than two very long and difficult years, and much research, I discovered a doctor in Prescott, Az who happens to be an expert in the field of copper toxicity.  He and another fellow by the name of Dr. Paul Eck, (now deceased),  pretty much are the leading practitioners in this field. They specialize in Hair Mineral Analysis, which is the testing of human hair to see what minerals your body is processing/metabolizing out.   It is a little expensive but much more revealing than bloodwork.   (Metals tend to not show up in bloodwork because the body is such an efficient machine it doesn’t allow metals to be in the blood very long.  It gets it out of the blood by transporting it to organs where it could later be metabolized out.  Therefore, not showing up in the blood.)

I have recently had this hair test done and am currently embarking on a supplement and eating program that I am, for the first time in a very long time, hopeful will help me heal on a very deep level.  Purging my body of copper and other metals that are the underlying culprit of my health problems for quite some time.  The supplement program is a  recommendation by the practitioners I am dealing with currently.  I am happy to pass this information on to anyone who has struggled with the process of metal detoxing or  if they are in need of more information and are being ignored or discounted by the main stream medical community.   But buyer beware.  I am still experimenting with this program and do not know the outcome yet.  I can only go by my intuition at this point.  Which is getting stronger everyday.  Thank God.  I am grateful for that.

If you would like to share your experience with me  or if you have any questions about any part of this post please feel free to comment.  I wish you health, wellness and great joy in your life.

Ps:  I will continue to make posts on my journey back to health.


Robin Eckert


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  1. Irene permalink

    I would like to know what supplements you are taking. I have similar experience with copper tocixity. Thanks!

    • Hello Irene,
      I am so sorry that i am only now responding to your email. I didnt realize that people were commenting on my blog. I’m not sure if WordPress was notifying me properly. In any case, I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with a copper toxicity problem. It is a hideous process to go through. If I can help in anyway I am happy to. The supplements that I am currently taking have really been the only ones that have been helpful. The supplements are called “Standard Process” supplements and I take several different ones. You can go to the Standard Process Supplement website to learn more about them. They are prescribed by my nutrition practitioner. She uses a process called Nutrition Response Testing which has been extremely helpful in discerning which foods and supplements are appropriate for me. It is a form of muscle testing which is a alternative diagnostic system. You may find someone near you that is a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner by researching your area’s alternative medicine (practitioners such as acupuncturist, naturopaths, chiropractors, etc) community for Nutrition Response Testing Practioners. I cannot stress how helpful this has been for me. I have been seeing my practitioner for about one year and have consistently been getting better and better. Although it is not a fast process, I am happy with my progress. I hope you find this helpful in some way. If there is anything else I can help with please do not hesitate. Wishing you well and health and healing.


      Robin Eckert
      Certified Personal Trainer
      Licensed Aesthetician

      Ps: you may also contact me at my personal email if you like:

      • Debby permalink

        Dear Robin,
        I just found that I have Copper Toxicity in November 2013. I have been depressed and have had anxiety 24/7 for many years. I wake up daily with anxiety. I have spent lots of money trying to get well. I am interested in all the things you are doing. Thank you, Debby

      • Elena permalink

        Dear Robin,

        I stumbled upon your blog! I just wanted to thanks you for sharing! I was a wrack for about 8 months, struggling with so many issues that you mentioned, mental, emotional, and physical. Oh, my goodness! And the gynecologist was so adamant saying that it just cannot be from the cooper IUD! About two days after the removal of the wicked device, I felt so much happier, my joint pain was gone, I actually, chemically could feel that I was more or less back to normal. No strange feeling of exhaustion or vertigo issues, no crazy unstable feelings, etc.! Doctors are not researchers! I know when something is really out of balance in my system and they try to persuade me that I’m simply paranoid and disregard my complaints! I wish women would be aware of this and not blame these horrible symptoms on anything else trying to fix them with yet more drugs! And it is very sad that a lot of women might disregard such symptoms, attributing them to their getting old. This is just wrong to do it to women when so little research has been done. Thank God, this thing is out! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

      • Dear Elena, I am so glad you are feeling better and I agree with all you had to say. Stay healthy!

        Take care,

      • Hey Robin,
        This has been such an eye opener and I really am happy to have stumbled upon this. You make such interesting points! I got my Paragard IUD last December and two weeks later started to get debilitating migraines with horrrrrrrible nausea. I always remember thinking, “gee the only difference in my life has been the IUD” and every doctor and gynecologist just told me it was a regular migraine symptom.

        Copper toxicity is a real thing and copper over stimulates neurotransmitters causing many problems in the brain which I am dealing with now. I can’t wait to get this removed. Thanks again for sharing you are so awesome and I hope you are doing well. 🙂

  2. Irene permalink

    Irene Lopez left comments above,

  3. Carol M. permalink

    Robin, I pray you are continuing well in your detox. Today I am having my copper IUD removed too. I believe my 4 yr battle with chronic pain among other issues are due from copper toxicity. Like you, I have had to basically diagnose myself thru research. I have spent countless hours and money trying to fix my chronic pain, only now to discover the IUD issue. I wish you well. Please post again to let us know how you are doing 🙂
    Best Regards

    • Hello Carol,

      I appreciate your email. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you will be feeling better soon also. I had a tremendous amount of pain as well with my copper problem. I understand. Trying To figure out what is right for ourselves can be an exhausting and frustrating process. If there is anything I can do to help your process please do not hesitate to ask. I have been feeling consistently better for the past year as I have found a nutrition practitioner and supplements that have made a huge difference in my detoxing and healing.

      In specific, “Nutrition Response Testing” has been an extremely integral part of my detoxing. I cannot stress this enough. If you would like more information on this please let me know.

      Wishing you health and wellness everyday.


      Robin Eckert
      Certified Personal Trainer
      Licensed Aesthetician

  4. Vix permalink

    I am sure that I have copper toxicity – all my symptoms. Match up and this whole year I’ve been drinking water that is loaded with copper( I didn’t know this before thought).
    So I went to the Dr. Today and he has never even heard of this condition!!!
    All I want to do is get my body back to normal again- but don’t have the finances for hair analysis or specialists- where do – begin and what should I expect?

    • Hello Vix,

      First of all I want to commend you on taking responsibility for your own health and researching until you figured it out. That is a huge accomplishment. Now you can begin the process of getting the copper/metal out. I would start by researching for someone in your area that performs Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). (please see my previous post for the explanation of NRT) This has been the most helpful treatment for me personally. They will help you get set up on a supplement and diet program to start the detox process GENTLY. I cannot stress enough that this needs to be a GENTLE process. Be aware that detoxing can be just as physically uncomfortable as being toxic. The body can only handle so much detoxing at one time and you don’t want to overwhelm it to the point where you can’t function. Detoxing is not a quick process and I recommend that you take it slow so as to not make yourself too sick to work. If you need help finding a NRT practitioner let me know and I will ask mine to look one up for you.

      Main stream medical physicians will likely be of little help in detoxing copper. In the event you find one that wants to help you they will probably suggest chelation. Chelation is a chemical way of getting the body to detox the metal. It’s usually given either in pill form or intravenously. It will cause the body to dump metal into the bloodstream so that it can be carried out of the body. However, I believe this to be too hard on the body and can actually cause more of a physical setback than necessary. Be very careful if you choose to go this route. I don’t recommend it.

      I am happy to help support you in any way I can. I realize trying to deal with copper toxicity can be overwhelming. Especially in the beginning. If you have more questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me again. I hope I have been of some help to you.

      Wishing you optimal health everyday.
      Robin Eckert
      Certified Personal Trainer
      Licensed Aesthetician

      • Dear Friends,
        I have Copper Toxicity and I am on a detox program. The Doctors say to eat low copper foods. Does anyone know how many grams of copper is eating low Copper? When I asked them they say just eat from the lower copper list. I have seen on line many High Copper food lists and Low copper Food Lists and they don’t seem to agree with one another. No where have I seen you can have this much Copper for health and this much for reducing Copper. I admit I was eating very much like Dr. Joel Furman Nutritarian but I did eat meat. He is into Veges and some fruits and Nuts. I ate salads and Juiced using all of the high copper vegetables Kale, Swiss Chard etc and only to find out they were full of Copper. I ate avocado’s every day and ate 70% dark chocolate almost daily. All high in copper! But I didn’t eat that way for the last 10 years that I was depressed and anxious.
        All of this to say, does anyone know how much Copper is in a low Copper diet? I am using USDA site that has something called Supper Tracker to keep track of my calories and Copper, protein and zinc, it list many other vitamins and minerals. But as I said I don’t know the numbers that are safe range for low Copper. Blessings, Debby

    • Hello Again Vix,
      I just wanted you to know that I spent more money looking for a MD/specialist that would help me with my copper toxicity than I did with my NRT practitioner. I have been seeing my NRT practitioner for one year now and I have spent just under $2,000.00 It really is NOT that expensive when you compare it to Dr. office visits, bloodwork labs and other testing. In the one year that I have seen my NRT practitioner I have improved my health dramatically and for me it is well worth the minimal expense to have my health back. I wish you well.

      Robin Eckert

  5. Amy permalink

    I had that “aha” moment about copper this week. I had read somewhere about copper and migraines and decided to search online. I too have an IUD, I’m a vegetarian and have well water in a town famous for its copper mines. I’ve suffered from migraines since my youngest son was born (which is when I got the IUD) but they’ve gotten more frequent since we moved to my current town 4 yrs ago. Last year I went through thyroid testing for racing heart and panic symptoms, though I have an enlarged thyroid, my levels were normal. I often have insomnia and thought it was just from stress because it’s usually accompanied by a feeling that I can’t turn my mind “off”. I also fight with moderate depression and mood swings.
    The IUD is coming out today! I plan to tell my OB my concerns over copper toxicity but I’m all too familiar with mainstream dr’s who are quick to discount a patients thoughts and insight. I really was thankful to stumble upon your blog!! Any advice you have would be helpful. I don’t have the financial means to seek out nutritional balancing, hair analysis, etc and am unaware of anyone in my area who does this.

    • Hello Amy,

      Thank you so much for writing me. I am always so happy to find that some people are finding it helpful. I am sorry to hear that you are finding that you may be struggling with copper. And I am glad to hear that you are getting your IUD removed. Stick to listening to your intuition on this. I understand it is expensive to seek treatment and that can be frustrating. I would first recommend that you read my blog and all the posts I have there as there may be something that you find helpful that is not expensive. And then of course I would suggest that you get the book “Why am I Always so Tired” by Anne Louise Gittleman. It’s pretty cheap on That will give you the basic understanding of copper and what it does and some ideas of how to treat yourself through foods you eat etc. Especially since you are vegetarian. I think it will be very helpful to you. See where you are after that. If I can be of more help please do email me again, 🙂 I’m so glad you figured it out! In the meantime, I am very curious about where you live? I have recently done research on copper mines and copper toxicity in Arizona, especially around Tucson, which is where I live. If you don’t mind, can you give me the name of your small town that is near the copper mine? I would love to research that area a little bit. Tucson has a number of Superfund sites (areas that were designated toxic in some form) from various environmental hazards. Some are from chemicals, some from copper. Again thank you so much for writing me and keep in touch if I can answer any more questions. While you are going through all this, remember to treat yourself well and take great care. It can be very draining and it’s important to provide yourself comfort where ever you can. Wishing you health healing everyday.

      Robin Eckert

  6. merrill permalink

    Hi Robyn, Wonderful to hear you are well on the improve. it takes dedication and persistence to begin and stay on the journey to wellness 🙂 I’m suffering from copper toxicity too and after much angst and trailing around form dr to dr ( your story echoes strongly with me ) I had a hair test done and found high copper amongst other things. You mentioned a doctor in Arizona. Did you have aprogram and supplements form him at all? It seems your current program is working well for you 🙂

    There must be so many people around who are ill but unaware as to the cause. its great to be able to share and provide some light at hte end of the tunnel. Hope you are having a great day. Merrill

    • thank you merrill for writing me! It’s nice to have support out there. Sorry to hear that you also struggle with copper toxicity. I wish you a gentle detox and that you are feeling better and better very soon.

      Robin Eckert

  7. Jennifer permalink

    Hello robin. Glad to hear you are doing well. I had mine removed oct 2012. I’m still having trouble with my mind racing and lingering on one thought for long periods of time. I also felt like I was going to pass out while driving! Maybe my blood sugar was low? I think I might try hair analysis. I just want to be my old self again.

    • Hello Jennifer,

      So glad to hear you have had your IUD removed. They are so dangerous. I found that my mind was racing and I has obsessive thoughts for quite some time. I had to detox the copper. As the copper is detoxing sometimes it would create those symptoms. I think I figured out that the feeling faint is the adrenaline/epinephrine that the brain produces from the copper. Copper stimulates the brain and nervous system drastically. I hope that you are are feeling better very soon and if I can be of help at all please feel free to contact me again.


      Robin Eckert
      Certified Personal Trainer
      Licensed Aesthetician

      • Joanna Alonso permalink

        Omg I feel exactly as you are explaining Please I need you to help me on what to do to get this damn copper out of me ;( is the worse feeling in the world or how to find a Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) near my area I live IN Fontana CA

      • Hi joanna,
        If you look on my blog….there are several posts. Check out the one that is titled “Resources for copper toxicity/detox.” It gives you a list of things to check out. Including the phone number for finding an NRT practitioner. I think you will find that post very helpful. I really hope you are feeling better soon. It is really difficult and I am sorry you are suffering. Hang in there. Be Well. And take care.

        Sincerely, Robin

  8. Marco DV permalink

    Hi Jen,

    Thanks for posting this blog, it good to see im not alone.
    I had the exact same thing in symptoms and people would think im crazy and say its all in my head, it wasnt to helpfull, i also had to take time off work because it was so bad i was bed ridden.
    I went to the er a few times and everything was fine on the tests, no doctor helped.
    I endured 3 months and was helpless and out of control, i switched my diet to an anti candida diet and then did some detoxes, still didnt help.
    I had a convetsation with my mum and she suggested a hair test, i found a natrupath that did it and my copper level was beyond the graph, bingo i found my problem and like you i checked symptoms and they were the same i had.
    I am now in recovery and have my life back again 3moths so far but im not out of the woods yet, i have been told its a long process sometimes days of chest and un explainable pains and just on the boarder of anxiety but its always getting better, im on a loose diet plan with supplements that i was deficient of in the hair test, once the body is balanced the copper will be eliminated on its own time.
    Thanks again for posting your story, it gives me the insoiration to keep my diet healthy and keep at it.

  9. Sarah permalink

    Hi Robin,

    I had my Paragard UD removed today after 5.5 years. It was difficult for the Dr. to get out, and when she pulled it out, the copper wire had come unwound from the IUD several inches. It was very upsetting for me. Who knows how long it has been like that?

    I havent had as many symptoms, but I have had bad PMS…irritability…and anxiety. I was wondering, would using something like ReNew Life Heavy Metal Cleanse help?

    Thank you so much for this blog!


    • Hello Sarah,

      Thank you so much for writing me. I am so sorry I just got your message. I don’t know anything about The New Life Metal Cleanse, sorry. I do however have other useful information on my blog. If you read ALL the posts I think you might find some helpful stuff. (books on copper, diet suggestions, and my current mode of detoxing). I hope you are feeling better soon. Please contact me again in you have other questions or just need some support as well. Take Care.

      Robin Eckert
      Certified Personal Trainer
      Licensed Aesthetician

  10. Laura permalink

    Hi Robin,
    I am so happy to have found your blog. I have been suffering numerous symptoms for over 10 years and recently I have been advised to look into the possibility of copper toxicity. I have taken different tests to check my hormones and thyroid. Over the past 10 years I have been to so many doctors who either prescribe medications that only treat symptoms and have been unhelpful altogether. I am so reluctant to continue to see doctors who don’t know what’s going on with me and give up on me. I am scared to take the hair analysis because I hear that sometimes when the copper in bio unavailable it won’t show up and I will be given up on again.
    I live also here in Tucson and wanted to ask you who your NRT practitioner is? I would like to start to figure out what’s going on with me, and work towards feeling normal (although I am not sure I know what normal feels like anymore). I would appreciate any feedback you may have. Thank you so much for this blog!

    • Hello Laura,

      I really appreciate you writing me with your story. It is so hard when no one in the medical community gets it. They don’t seem to hear what we are saying to them. Honestly I didn’t get anything but frustration from the medical community, and not much help. If you read ALL the posts on my blog you may find much more helpful information. I do post on there how to contact my NRT Practitioner as well as lots of other healing info (ie, books that i read (about copper), diets tips that help, sauna info, food info, rest info). However, the NRT practitioner I see in Tucson (actually Oro Valley) is Holly Burgess @ 520-241-7631 . I encourage you to call her soon as she will be leaving for two weeks in May. She is a Veteranarian (practices NRT on animals and humans.) Some of the best bodyworkers in Tucson referred her to me. And she has been the ONLY thing that has helped give me my life back. I hope you are feeling better very soon. I know how hard it can be to keep going when you have been sick as long as you have. And I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Please feel free to write again anytime with questions or if you just need support as well. (And READ the blog!:)))) The supplements will make a huge difference in detoxing the copper and supporting your body. Hang in there.

      Robin Eckert
      Certified Personal Trainer
      Licensed Aesthetician

  11. Kristin permalink

    Do you feel better yet?! Did the doctors in Prescott help you?? I’m dealing with the same symptoms from my Paragard. Please get in touch with me asap, & let me know how things are going. I’m pretty sure I will be having this stupid iud removed this week… What a disaster & a costly mistake it has been!

    • Hello Kristin,
      Thank you for your email. I am doing better, compared with a few years ago. There are still ups and downs. But for the most part I am consistently getting better. Feel free to read ALL my blog posts. They give a more current update of things. And they have some helpful info in there. (See “List of Resources” page) It is unfortunate that healing can be very expensive. I ewish you the very best in your recovery. And I certainly hope you are feeling better soon. Feel free to contact me if you have questions anytime.

      Take care,
      Robin Eckert
      Certified Personal Trainer
      Licensed Aesthetician

  12. Brittany Mattingly permalink

    I had my IUD removed 3 days ago and feel tons better but still have moments. My doc to said it couldn’t cause my issues but I’m gonna give him a call and tell him how wonderful it feels to be me again. I just wonder if there are any juicing recipes to help detox. I may check into that. Juicing is a wonderful detox. I didn’t even keep mine for a year so hopefully the affects go away shortly. But yes this iud made me absolutely crazy. I couldn’t stand to be near my kids or husband and I was worried about us splitting up all the time , my memory still sucks, my energy is coming back slowly, but I enjoy life a lot erred now. The word needs to get out because I thought I was going to lose my mind over that lil piece of plastic wrapped in copper.

  13. warriormom permalink

    Hi! If you have a copper problem, very often you will need ongoing supplementation and not just a detox diet. Also, a panic problem is often caused my methylation disorders and can be corrected. We use who we consider are the best doctors for this in the US- Mensah Medical. They are in Chicago, but they have an online program where you can get tested near your own home (give blood at your local lab and send urine from home) and then have a phone consultation. They use a lab called Direct Health Care and you can read their info at They have saved my son’s life, given him a quality life and helped make sense of years of suffering. Several youtubes: mensah medical, dr bill walsh,

    • Hello, thank you for writing me. I appreciate your info. I recently did a methylation test and i indeed do have a mthfr mutation. I am currently looking for someone near arizona that is an expert with treating this. Preferably someone who is also interested in working with my naturopath. Having a methylation disorder certainly explains why it has taken me four years to detox from copper among other metals. I am grateful to have figured this piece out and will start treatment soon.


    • Hi WM,
      Are you the one that wrote to me about Mensah Medical? I saw Dr. Walsh on TV and then called late that afternoon to catch Him on the phone, he said everyone had gone home for the day. I was so excited to talk to him. He told me to call Mensah Medical. I went in October. Do you live close by there or was it a long trip for you. I am so anxious… how old was your son? How long did it take and do you still have to watch his Copper intake? I appreciate anything you can encourage me with. Thank You for responding to my post. Blessings! Debby

  14. Shayla Iorio permalink


    I am so happy to have found your blog. I to have gone through hell the last two years from copper toxicity. I to had to figure it out on my own as my doctor told me the copper IUD has no side effects. Got the IUD out about a week ago and feel much better already. I suffered from anxiety, horrible insomnia, panic attacks my life was horrible. I have my life back finally and can enjoy my two year old son and family. I can’t believe that this IUD has not been taken off the market and the company sued. I hope you are continuing with your recovery and thanks again for sharing your story. It helps to no that we are not alone.

    Shayla Iorio
    Seattle, WA.

    • Shayla,

      I am so glad that you felt support from my blog! It’s hard to remember when we are struggling that we are not alone. I hope you are feeling much better. And continue ! 🙂 Take care.

      Best wishes,


  15. Thank you for posting your story. You’ve no doubt helped many people. I hope you’re feeling better & better every day!

  16. April permalink

    Hi Robin, It was recently suggested to me by a holistic/naturopath doctor that I may have copper toxicity from my copper IUD. I never even heard of it! After researching I came across your story. I wanted to know how they confirmed you had copper toxicity. Was is just hair analysis or did they check your serum copper. My doc is checking serum copper, vitamin levels, thyroid, and my adrenals. Did you find you had an adrenal problem as well? Any info you could provide I would appreciate greatly.


    • Good Morning April,

      So sorry it’s taken me awhile to respond, I’ve been out of town. To answer your question, copper is very difficult to catch in blood tests. The body is so smart, it knows the copper shouldn’t be there and immediately shoves it into an organ (liver, brain, eyes, etc.) to get it out of the blood. However your docs can test for Ceruloplasmin, witch is a protein that binds to copper to take it out of the body. If this is high then that is your answer that you have a copper problem. I never got a blood serum back that said high copper. But I did get a high ceruloplasmin back. And honestly, after awhile I just KNEW it was copper by trusting my own instincts about how i felt. Yes, I also had major thyroid, adrenal and mental issues as a result of the toxicity. (Losing weight, ADD, memory issues, hormone fluctuations!, depression, sleep issues, etc.)

      Aslo, I did have a hair analysis done that also revealed high copper as well as other metals that were high.

      My adrenals were so taxed all the time. I couldn’t handle any stress whatsoever for years. I am only now feeling more resilient when it comes to stressful things like work and driving. I will burnout under stress very quickly. So I limit my exposure to stress as much as possible. Usually just to work and my basic necessities like shopping, chores, and driving. And then I must rest!! Copper is a nuero-stimulant. So your body is constantly being revved up and your nervous system is always under attack if you have too much copper. Rest is EXTREMELY important.

      I hope this is helpful to you. I am so glad to hear you are seeing a doc that suggested you get this checked out. Sounds like you are with a practitioner that is paying attention, which is great! 🙂 Good luck with your process and feel free to contact me again if you have more questions. Take care.

      Wishing you optimal health everyday!

      Robin Eckert
      Certified Personal Trainer
      Licensed Aesthetician

  17. Jackie permalink

    Robin, thank you for sharing your story — it’s almost identical to mine! My IUD was in from 2008 to 2011 when I (finally) figured out my multitude of seemingly unrelated chronic infections, thyroid disorder and mental instability were because of copper toxicity, hinted by ONE of the many, many doctors I was seen by.

    Having a continually weakened immune system and having taken several rounds of broad-spectrum antibiotics for my various infections, has also left me with a candida albicans overgrowth, which poses a variety of problems, itself. I find that following a low sugar/starch/caffeine diet has really helped — I basically follow a “paleo” template. I’m curious to find out what diet is working for you.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story — even though I wish you had never gone through this, it’s so, so comforting to know that you comprehend the widely misunderstood experience we’ve had.

    • Hello Jackie,

      Thank you so much for writing! I love to share info and hear people’s stories. It is comforting to know there are others out there and that we are not alone. 🙂

      I am on a no sugar, caffeine, dairy, wheat,grains, alcohol diet. pretty much a paleo diet. I can tolerate some wheat/gluten, but not much.

      I am sorry to hear that you had to go through copper toxicity also. It really is a nightmare. But the good news is, it does get better if you are able to pay attention and take great care with yourself. I hope you are feeling better these days and wish you optimal health everyday!

      Take care,

      Robin Eckert
      Certified Personal Trainer
      Licensed Aesthetician

  18. Celina permalink

    I just happened to stumble upon this blog… I had my Copper IUD inserted only in January of this year, and congratulated myself on finding a hormone-free birth control method. I’ve been experiencing all of those symptoms but thought it was stress, since I work an overly-demanding job.

    I am so glad I have ready this page… I’m booking an appointment to have it removed ASAP.

    • Hello Celina,

      I am so glad you wrote to me. This is exactly why I started this blog in the first place. Women sometimes think they are doing themselves a favor by going with the copper IUD, because it is hormone free. Feeling they are choosing the healthy choice. I know I thought I was. I hope you are feeling better very soon. I am wishing you optimal health everyday!


      • Brittany Mattingly permalink

        I would like to invite you ladies to the copperiuddetox group on! We all are going thru the same thing and they are very educated on removing copper from the body. Removal is only the first step. Good luck ladies!

  19. Anthea permalink

    I came close to dying of copper toxicity. I was saved, with God’s help, by research doctors near Chicago. It has taken me a year and a half to get rid of copper, and i am now still trying to reverse other side effects. The doctors I go to are Alfred Mensah and Judith Bowman at Mensah Medical. They use a nutrient therapy that is incredible. I am doing great now. My digestion was one of the first things to go painful muscles, migraines, chronic fatigue, personality changes, losing time, severe memory loss, getting “lost”, and a myriad of other nasty ailments. I had started taking continuous birth control, Yasmin, with no breaks for period due to endometriosis that was acting up, threatening cancer. Yasmin, it seems, can triple the copper levels in the body. The Ob/gyn docs don’t believe this and still don’t get the fact that I was dying but now I am doing well. My digestion has been slow to return, but, I am getting better.
    Please feel free to email me with any questions.
    Prayers to all who suffer with this,

  20. Fadi permalink

    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for the excellent article. It is amazing how you connected the dots and came to the conclusion that copper was high and you were having all those symptoms. I have a question regarding the IUD alternatives. I had in the past a very negative experience with hormonal birth control to the point that MDs recommended to stop their usage. What do you recommend for birth control instead of copper IUD?

    Thanks in advance

  21. Alysha permalink

    I had my second baby back in December 2012 and had the copper iud placed in January 2013. I wish I had known about copper toxicity beforehand. I too thought going with the non hormonal birth control was the way to go. BIG mistake! I had it in for 11 months and have had many of the same symptoms you had/have. Horrible headaches, brain fog, weight gain (wish it was the opposite), arthritis, gallstones which turned into having my gallbladder removed, extreme fatigue, bad mood swings, anger etc. I had NONE of these symptoms before getting the copper iud placed. I researched my symptoms and found out about copper toxicity and finally had some answers about what and why I was feeling the way I do! I just had my iud removed last Thursday (November 7, 2013). I thought I’d go right back to normal or maybe take a few weeks or months to get back to normal. But I’m terrified that my body will never be the same again. Thankfully I have an amazing gyn who remove it and actually ordered a blood test to check my copper levels. But I’m worried it won’t show up through the blood test. I’m scared I’ll be like this forever. I’m hoping that even if it doesn’t show a higher level of copper through my blood, that my doctor will still take me seriously and try to help me figure this out! Thank you for writing this! It helped give me a little hope, but also made me aware that I might have to really fight for answers!

    • Hello Alysha,

      Thank you so much for writing me. Your story sounds very familiar. I am so glad you were able to research your own health and figured it out! That is huge! You are on the right track. Just keep in mind if you aren’t being “heard” by your Doc then it might be time to switch to someone that hears you. There are naturopaths that would be more than happy to help in this situation. they can help support the body while you are going through detox. Your body can heal itself when given the opportunity and the right environment. I wish you all the best and feel free to write again if you have questions. Take care. Hang in there, sincerely.

      Wishing you optimal health everyday,
      Robin Eckert
      Certified Personal Trainer
      Licensed Aesthetician

      • Alysha permalink

        Thank you Robin! It has been such a struggle with a 4 year old son and 11 month old daughter. I’m afraid my copper toxicity is robbing my kids of their mom…their happy mom. I feel like I’m always angry or irritated. I feel aweful because I don’t want my kids to remember me like this when they’re older. It’s just so frustrating because I was happy and healthy before my iud. On top of always being irritable/angry, I’m am always tired to the point where I don’t want to do anything. Just reading to my kids is exhausting. I just want to be my old self again for everyone’s sake! My poor husband works nights and stays up most mornings with the kids so I can sleep in. I just feel so guilty. I’m also worried about how much it’s going to cost for doctors/treatment. A lot is my mind right now.

      • My son has normal copper levels after being treated for by Mensah Medical. He suffered his entire life and now he is very well and never has to go back to living like that. The treatment is all vitamins and minerals and these doctors know exactly how to do it.

        There is much known now about women+copper toxicity: iuds, post-partum copper (see Dr. Bowman on youtube), and bc pills that increase copper. We were taught that the perfect diet will not beat this problem if the individual has a problem metabolizing copper. Perhaps for some, removing the iud and time will be enough. For others, proper supplementing will pull that copper out, gradually with minimal suffering. Too fast can be very harsh.

        Direct HealthCare Access has a metabolic panel that will test the copper level and other things that help a practitioner individualize the supplementation.

        I have watched my child heal, and I’m here to tell you that you will, too. Please be very selective about who you go to, both testing and treatment. The folks that I mentioned above are experts.

        Hang in there – you are not alone!!

        BTW, Robin, they travel to Arizona and other places.

      • Thank you for writing me. I appreciate any and all new information. Wishing you optimal health everyday!

        Robin Eckert

      • Brittany Mattingly permalink

        This is to Alisha not sure if I clicked te right one. Time is the best healer along with rest and water! I hope you have a doctor that will help you recover most of us get a blank stare like we’re insane. I’m not sure what a doctor could do for you though. You need to join the yahoo group copperiuddetox! It’s very helpful and were all suffering from this. A lot of women try antidepressants only to find things intensified, so I don’t recommend any prescription drugs. Healthy diet free from high copper foods will help. Caffeine and alcohol bring on copper dumps as we call them. But hang in there in 6 months you will feel tons better 🙂

  22. permalink


    I have had the Paraguard in for just under 3 months. I opted for it because I am sensitive to hormonal birth control and liked the idea of something long-lasting, reversible, and more natural. I an 27 and have never been pregnant, and the pain from the wand prior to insertion made me feel like passing out. I had taken two ibuprofen prior but they did not help. I began to have severe cramping and dizziness following the insertion and if I had expected that kind of pain I would have had someone pick me up. I have had two periods since with heavier than normal bleeding and excessive cramping. I am experiencing two kinds of cramps: strong, hot, radiating cramps around my pelvis, tailbone, and kidneys interspersed with horrific stabbing pains that last for a minute or less. While I am approaching my third period and I feel like the pain is getting slowly more manageable, I do feel it affects my day to day activities a great deal. I’m also experiencing diarrhea and I feel like it is happening more frequently. It comes suddenly and it is giving me a lot of anxiety. My mother was visiting this weekend and I had to go back to my apartment because I was hit with several bouts of diarrhea after we had lunch and did not trust myself to walk around. I hope this is not copper toxicity, which I have recently read about and can be developed with the copper iud.

    I am considering having the iud removed next Monday- I don’t know what I will do for birth control but I am having some real concerns about keep the iud.

    • I would strongly urge you to follow your intuition about this. Diarrhea is a key symptom of acute copper toxicity as well as anxiety. Wishing you optimal health everyday….

      Take care,

  23. Jessica permalink

    Hi Robin,

    I’ve had a real struggle since having the copper IUD put in a couple years ago. Since having it removed I feel better psychologically, I have less headaches and fatigue. However, some of my symptoms related to digestion still remain…although the bloating has decreased. I’ve been experiencing a lot of diarrhea (sorry to get honest here)…just wondering if that’s a release or detox symptom any one else has experienced?

  24. rachel permalink

    i had my iud removed yesterday- it was in for 2 1/2 months and i couldn’t deal with the pain and other symptoms anymore. in terms of a birth control method, i was in so much pain and bleeding so heavily i barely had sex with my partner once it was put in. i was constantly worrying about what was going on in my body and why the pain and other symptoms were still happening, so it defeated the purpose of a stress-free non-hormonal birth control.

    i began worrying about copper sensitivity/toxicity with the increasing and sudden bouts of diarrhea i’ve experienced. my doctor was supportive about having it removed and luckily she was able to find the strings, and it was out in under 3 minutes with no more pain than a pap smear. amazingly, within about an hour of the removal the cramps stopped! i was still on my period and had been experiencing horrible cramps for days, including the morning of the removal. i’ve been abstaining from ibuprofen because of the tummy troubles (i have a friend who was taking too much ibuprofen for a different reason and she continued to have stomach problems for several months after stopping the ibuprofen). still, once that sucker was out my uterus seemed to be thanking me.

    i am still unsure if it was the big doses of ibuprofen or the cramping (i know the gastrointestinal track and uterus cramping are related) or the copper itself that has been causing my stomach issues but i feel incredibly relieved it is out of my body and i am hoping since i had it for under 3 months the issues will resolve themselves!

    i tried very hard to cope with the cramping and pain, taking loads of ibuprofen, becoming best friends with a heating pad, and even tried ”talking to” my uterus and explaining that everything would be okay and that the iud was just there for now to prevent pregnancy. the copper iud effected my day-to-day life so much i couldn’t take it anymore. i had trouble leaving the house with the pain and diarrhea, and i am a full-time student, work part-time, plus have an internship, so it was a major stress and inconvenience. i thought the cramping would let up a bit with time, but it didn’t almost 3 months in. i’ve decided the copper iud just isn’t for me.

    • hELLO Rachel,

      Thank you so much for writing me and telling me your story. And I am so glad you had the IUD removed. You followed your intuition and your body with thank you! Good luck in your healing process. Wishing you optimal health everyday!


      • rachel permalink

        Dear Robin,

        Thanks for making this blog and updating about your personal experience. I am glad you did it because it was helpful to see other people writing about similar experiences to mine. It helped me get clear on what I needed to do for myself. I am feeling so much better since I had my IUD out- my stomach is not back to normal quite yet and I am still having anxiety, but all the pain and cramping has stopped. I wish I had found out about all the possible side effects before having an IUD put in- copper toxicity was not something I was warned about. Best of luck in your healing process!

        – Rachel

  25. rachel permalink


    I had posted a few times here about my experience with the copper iud. I had mine removed before this thanksgiving- mainly because of the extreme cramps and gastrointestinal issues. I only had it in for just under 3 months. The gastrointestinal issues increased during the time I had the iud. I began to wonder if I had damaged my gastrointestinal tract in some way taking the 800 milligrams of ibuprofen at a time my doctor advised for the strong pain. I have abnormal bowel movements, urgency, and frequent diarrhea now on a near daily basis almost a month after having the iud out. I have cut out caffeine, and am eating lots of yogurt and drinking kefir but to no avail. I am finding it embarrassing and limiting. I intend to go to the doctor once my school finals end this week.

    I spoke to a friend who had similar symptoms after taking high doses of advil. She was eventually tested for a parasite, but it turned out the advil had created a small ulcer in her stomach that took 3 months to heal after she stopped taking the advil.

    Regardless of where you stand with the iud, I strongly advise taking more than the minimum dose of NSAIDS- it’s not worth it.

  26. Joy permalink

    I have no idea when this was written but I am so happy to find it! I have been suffering from all of the symptoms you mentioned and more after IUD insertion! I spent lots of $ and a whole year searching for answers. The majority of the doctors told me I was just having anxiety attacks or migraines! I am not detoxing the copper slowly (too much release at once makes me feel awful). Wondering how your are now and what kind of detox you did.
    Thanks so much, Joy

    • hi! I used Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) mostly to help me detox the copper. This was very helpful until about a year ago. That’s when i discovered I am MTHFR positive, which causes problems with the body’s ability to detox in general, but especially metals. My blog has a page that discusses some of my helpful detox options. Hope you are feeling better soon. Wishing you optimal health everyday. Take care.

  27. Your blog has literally brought me to tears… I got my copper IUD put in about 9 months ago. I’m getting it removed tomorrow. My entire life, I have been healthy, happy, very anxiety free. I was go-with-the-flow fine and beyond. A few months ago I started getting all the symptoms you talk about, getting very faint, lots of headaches that come and go throughout the day, racing heart, anxiety. The anxiety actually starting getting worse within the last month, I have had a few full blown panic attacks which I had LITERALLY never had before in my life. I felt like I was losing my mind. All of a sudden I came across copper toxicity on google. A MASSIVE LIGHTBULB went off in my head and I connected the dots. I am still in shock. My intuition cannot be wrong, I KNOW this is what is happening to me. My life has spiralled out of control in the last 6 months and now I finally know why. I feel like I am living a different life, I want the old me back. I can only pray that after getting it removed my body works its magic to help detox efficiently. I can’t afford to seek naturopathic help so I’m going to have to do some research on my own in order to try and detox myself properly. I have faith in time, I will get better. I am going to closely read everything you post on here, and hopefully we can keep in touch and I can get some tips from you, and others online. I am located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and am going to try and find some local support here.

    • Thank you for writing me! I completely understand your shock and awe regarding the copper toxicity. I am so sorry to hear you are having to go through it. If I can be of any help please feel free to contact me anytime. I wish you optimal health everyday. Good luck in your research and take care.


    • Please join our IUD detox support group! (Google “iud detox group” and you’ll find us. We are almost 400 members worldwide. Good luck with your healing! /M (7 months IUD free and much better now, but still healing!)

      • thank you for writing me. Can you tell me if you have ever worked with someone who IS MTHFR positive?

  28. Becca Wilkins permalink

    Hi Robin. It’s so good to see your story. I’ve had on and off for the past 20 years what I thought was chronic fatigue and/or hyper/hypothyroidism (yes, both). A recent hair analysis showed copper levels through the roof. I’m being treated by a homoeopath ( copper toxicity is reasonably well known among homoeopaths in Australia and there is a specific copper chelate remedy for it designed by Jon Gamble in Wollongong). I have also used Pranic Healing and Journey work (emotional therapy) to, I believe, great effect. The killer is the weakness and shaking as it leaves the system ( plus constant spasm of what feels like terror). It is great to find out that I’m noy alone in all these symptoms. I am avoiding my general practiser who wants to treat my active thyroid only.

    • thank you so much for writing me. I had heard of those healing works you mentioned. I will check them out. I hope you are feeling better very soon. It is very difficult surviving the symptoms of detox. I am so sorry you are going through it. Wishing you a gentle detox and positive thoughts while you are healing. Take care.

    • Alex permalink

      Coffe enemas are quire helpful also. You may consider zink and vit B6 as well (or other natura antagonist to copper in the body like selenium). I have Pyrolle disorder and copper is an issue for me. This might help as well:

  29. Rasha Elkady permalink

    Hi Robin, thank you for sharing your experience. I can completely relate. After I had my second child I decided to give the Copper IUD a try. It was the wrong decision, I got some symptoms in the beginning that I didn’t connect to the IUD, and eventually with research I came across copper toxicity as the possible culprit. I decided to take it out and the day I took it out as I was leaving the the doctors office, one of my symptoms was a rash on my face, started to heal atomically. At that moment I knew I was on the right path. But then I read some more and started experimenting with more supplements. I am much better than I was which is a relief, my concern now is my son whom I had nursed while I was going through that and I was unaware of my condition, as soon as I found out I weaned him. But I am concerned that it may have harmed him in one way or the other. Especially that I do see some symptoms that could be related but I can’t find a pediatrician or a doctor who would understands. I live in Egypt and I haven’t had much medical support as I was going through copper toxicity, so I was wondering if you have any advice I can use with my little one, he is 2 now and I would hate to see him go through any of the stuff I had to go through.



    • Hello Rasha. Thank you for writing me. I am sorry to hear about your experience with copper. But glad to hear you followed your intuition and figured it out. As far as your little one goes, I do not have any experience with children. But I think a common sense suggestion would be to stay away from all processed foods. (breads, flour, sugar, chocolate, caffeine, and any other copper-rich foods). You can also be exposed to copper through your drinking water if you have copper pipes for your plumbing. FYI. Good luck and I wish you both well. Take care, Robin

    • Brittany Mattingly permalink

      I was concerned wit nursing my son as well but I’ve heard copper isn’t really passed thru breast milk or in small amounts. I believe if they got a lot we would already see symptoms and my son is perfectly healthy.

      • Rasha Elkady permalink

        Hi Brittany, I had assumed the same thing in the beginning. What is concerning me is that while I was nursing him a year and 2 months ago, both my son and I were yellow, our skin looked yellow not pale and a week or so after I took the IUD out my facial color started to become a bit normal. For my son his color was better after I weaned him.
        He also seems to be getting more anxious as he grows older and panicky out of the blue. For example, I have been changing his diapers on his changing table in his room since he has been born out of the blue one time he went hysterical and wouldn’t change there for fear of falling. No previous incidents had happened.
        Another symptom I used to get a lot is that I had a lot of mucus and I got loads of sinus infections with supplementation it subsided. My son on the other hand since he was 3 months old has been getting a pile up of mucus on his chest every month at least twice and I would need to give him medication to relieve the pain of not being able to breathe and to clear the mucus. I am not happy with all the medicine I need to give him on a constant basis. His pediatrician said its an allergy, but I am skeptical because of what I went through with copper toxicity and the common symptoms we experienced. My son is 2 now and it has been quite a while now and his symptoms don’t seem to be getting better
        I already have don’t give him any processed food or high sugar. I keep all our meals as healthy as possible. I thought that would help him and would be enough but now I am thinking I may need to look further into it.

      • Brittany Mattingly permalink

        Well I hate that. I hate the FDA! I hope your son gets better that breaks my heart. I know that feeling and for a kid to have to endure it is not fair. Why our country does these things to us I’ll never understand! I wish you the best.

  30. Debby permalink

    Dear Robin,
    I have tried to leave a message and not sure it is going to you as I haven’t got a reply. I have been depressed with anxiety 24/7 for many years. I had my Copper tested at Mensah Medical and it was high. Hope to hear from you. I have questions about diet. They said to eat low copper diet and I’m having problems with that. Eating causes anxiety as everything as you know has copper in it. Thank You, Debby

    • Thank you for writing debbie. I certainly wish you well and hope you get to the bottom of your anxiety issues. Many heavy metals cans cause anxiety, but copper is the one that seems to cause panic attacks the most. I hope you are feeling better very soon. take care

      • Hello again debbie. It is crucial to eat a low copper diet as much as possible. And unfortunately it is very limiting. However I found that as my copper levels dropped I was able to add some copper foods back in slowly to my diet. Hang in there. give it some time. the diet is a hard part. but being ill is more difficult than the diet. feel better and i wish you well.

  31. Nicole Harris permalink

    Mensah Medical treats elevated copper levels and methylation imbalances… This is a very good video!!

    • thank you so much annie. It’s so nice to hear a success story for a change! I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I wish you continued health and healing everyday. Take care.


  32. Thank you for this resourceful website, I only wish I had found it four years ago before severe panic attacks and chronic fatigue set in due to excess copper (also stress with 4 teenagers). I was extremely sick, could not think straight and on the verge of divorce all due to my inability to release copper. All very unexpected coming from a normally happy, upbeat energetic person.

    I had a hair analysis which showed my copper content to be 100X the normal amount in the body. Once I started balancing with low copper diet, taking zinc and molybdenum LOADS of copper started clearing from my body.

    Sadly another issue not mentioned here, is excess heavy metals invites a favorable environment for unwanted bacteria and parasites. This along with Candida is just another problem brought on by copper.

    Four years later, finally feel calm even during crisis. Now working on removing copper from the deeper tissues of the brain…which seems to be the most stubborn and uncomfortable to remove.

    Prayers and blessings to all those dealing with this chronic illness.

    • Hi again annie,

      I was curious, what treatments are you doing to pull the copper from your deeper tissues (brain)????? I would love to know. I’m always trying to learn new ways of detox. Thank you!


      • 5starstaging permalink

        Hi Robin,

        Well its been trial and error and mainly waiting until the body is ready (all of the detoxification pathways working properly). Here’s what has worked for me.

        ACZnano spray Zeolite




        Lecithin or (Choline )

        Honestly, I can’t tell you why this works (like you I go largely by instinct) But I can tell you taking Choline immediately made a huge difference. I guess all cells need Lecithin. I have poor liver function and my grandma has dementia, so I was researching and found Choline to support both.

        Thanks again for all the time you invest for others….may your life be blessed and your body healed.

        Best wishes,


        P.S. I’m and esthetician also J

      • Hello Annie,

        Great! Thanks for the info. I would love to keep in touch. If you come across anything new that makes a real change for you please pass it along to me. I would be very grateful! And of course if I do, I will do the same. I am currently working with a doc who specializes in MTHFR (methylation pathways). I will keep you posted on any new info that helps my detox process. Wishing you optimal health everyday!

        PS: what skincare products do you use in your business?


    • Hi Annie,
      I went to Mensah Medical Clinic and got on the compounds in late November 2013. Is that where you are going? I would like to talk to you if possible. I am going on my 4th month and still feeling so depressed and sever anxiety. They said to eat low Copper and I see that there is Copper in everything. How are you eating? Did you find out what brought your Copper Overload on? Thank You, I am so new to this and would appreciate any advice you could give. thank you again, Debby Nicholson

      • Hi Debbie,
        It’s so great that we can all exchange info to help each other. I hope you are feeling better soon. It’s such a challenging process (detox) to figure out. Very complex. Keep me posted on anything that really helps you. Take care.

      • Hi Debby, I just want to encourage you by saying that you are in good hands with Mensah. They know what they are doing. My child is now on the other side of things and it was a fight. He felt worse before feeling better. We had to go very slowly and sometimes take days off the supplements. That copper coming out is nasty – causing increased anxiety and a variety of other unpleasant symptoms. I hope that you are having some glimpses of better times. Plz check your drinking water from copper pipes in your home – it’s not just our food. IUDs, some birth control pills, chocolate, nuts, shellfish, pregnancies. Dr. Bowman has a women’s copper youtube on the website. My son is doing great now.

      • Hi Debby,

        Not sure about your symptoms, but first thing after zinc I had to take care of was colon cleansing. I had sever constipation since childhood (low oxidation issue); hence, lots of copper was being stored there and being recycled into my bloodstream. This was a long grueling process of herbal lower bowel support, colonics and probiotics. So I guess you could say that was the begining of my copper issues (which was really a gallblader/galstone issue)…very complicated this copper issue.


      • Hi Annie,
        Thank you for the on going communication. I don’t know how I got the Copper overload. My symptoms have been like I said earlier depression after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 20 years ago, following a car accident. Then came the antidepressants. Then maybe 7-8 years ago I began having sever anxiety. At times, short periods of my life I would feel ok for a few months, then something would happen I would be so down and anxious again. About two years ago I was suffering from low blood pressure later found out it was from a Rx I passed out and went to emergency had 10 stiches in my forehead and fractured my hand. When it didn’t heal in the proper time they did a bone density test and I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Both a stressor and problem to deal with. The first thing they wanted to do was put me on one of those Rx you hear about on TV. I have always taken supplements and ate right. I followed Dr. Joel Furman the best I could, but I do eat meat. Later to find out all of the Juicing of all the vegetables, greens and especially Kale and salads and Nuts and Nut butters and avocado’s are all high in Copper. I also ate small amounts of Dark 70% chocolate and that is one of the highest Copper.
        I track everything I eat on line and that is stressful but I feel I need to do this to make sure I get enough calories and not too much Copper. I know that you eat low Copper, how do you know what to eat? Have you found any thing to share about Low Copper Diet. I already did order the Book by Louise Gettelmen, hoping it will have some good information. If you are interested in the site I use I will get it to you.
        The Doctors I saw at Mensah Medical deal with Toxicity only, as far as I know. I still feel awful but would like to be retested to see the progress. They don’t want to test again until the 6 month mark. Any little stress is magnified in my mind. I wish its wasn’t this way but any thing I hear is devastating. Robin suggested that I take a nap and relax. They only time I relax is when I take a sleeping pill for the night, then I don’t get good sleep or for very long.
        Any tips you may have would be great. Just knowing you all are out there gives me some hope. I wish I could find someone close here to do things with and to encourage one another.
        Be Blessed Annie! Debby

    • Hi, just wondering: “100x the amount of normal copper…”; was that before or after starting the detox…? My Cu level was 3,9 before starting detox, while Calcium level was 181 (which is a sign of “hidden copper”). When I started detoxing, Ca levels dropped to 141 (which is still too high) and “hidden” Cu started coming out – level was then 7,2. This was 5 months after my initial hair analysis. I read that Calcium level is often a very good indicator of how much excess copper is still being stored, so hopefully my Cu levels will soon drop to normal. (If Ca continues to drop.) I got copper toxicity from a copper IUD (plus already weak adrenals due to copperrich food, pregnancy and stress.)
      Wishing you the best of success with healing!!

  33. Dear Robin,
    I’ve posted before about having Copper Toxicity. For many, many years I didn’t know why I felt so depressed and have sever anxiety. I was just tested Nov. 2013. I’m still fighting the good fight under Mensah Medical care. I haven’t felt any relief yet, they say it usually takes up to 6 months before you feel any different or that after 6 months they retest and see where you are. I saw a post from Annie saying that they are doing further detoxing to get the Copper from her brain. I hope to hear how they are doing that. Thank You Robin your blog is helping many people. Debby

    • Hi Debby,
      I wish I could be of some help, but I’m not sure I should share my protocol as it is one I have researched on my own and not one given to me by a health care practitioner. As you know, each of us may have a copper imbalance, but the reasons that occurred in the first place could have to do with many variables including:

      Poor liver, gallbladder & adrenal function
      Slow Oxidation

      I can tell you the number one thing I have done is taken 100mg of chelated Zinc every single day (be careful if you are low in B6 you will experience nausea with added Zinc * see link to article)

      This article is super informative on Coppers effect on the brain and your emotions.

      Best of luck on your journey to wellness,

      • Hi Annie,
        I am on a protocol with Mensah Medical Clinic I take 75 mg of zinc in my compounded capsules. It is in the one I take in the evening. Thank you for your reply its nice to be able to communicate with others, who have or are suffering from this same thing. I especially thank Robin for blogging, this has given me hope to hear how some of you have been able to get a grip on life. I’m still hopeful. Blessings, Debby

    • Hi Debby and others,
      Anxiety has been my major issue too, during copper detox. My pattern is, 2-3 weeks feeling pretty much Normal (yay!), but then comes a setback of 1-2 weeks. Then I suffee from severe anxiety/nervousness!! I guess this is the common “roller coaster” pattern I often read about… Do you experience these as well…?? Going from pretty fine to feeling absolutely awful?

      I took 2 hair tests and I AM eliminating copper. But I also had a complete hormone/neurotransmittor test done – showing super high levels of adrenalin and noradrenalin!! (And the test was taken during a “Good” week!!). No wonder we feel stressed and super anxious… I was advised to take L-Theanine for these high levels, started taking it yesterday.

      This is one of the best explaining articles I have found on copper elimination. That is SO me!! It also explains where our anxiety/high adtenalin comes from.
      Read it!!

      Although, I didn’t use ARL for my hair test, I used Trace Elements. 🙂

      9 months IUD free – much better but still struggling!! (had my iud for 5 months).

      Good luck to you all!!

      • Hi. I just wanted to comment on your post above. I have a similar pattern. Feel decent (not great) for 2 weeks then really bad for 2 weeks. I have tracked this to my menstrual cycle. During my 2 weeks of pre-menstrual cycle and actual menstrual cycle I avoid any detoxing as my system is already overloaded with lots of hormones. This can make us feel toxic even with out a copper issue going on. So add copper problems to that and it creates a disaster. So for me I avoid stress and detoxing during this time to minimize my symptoms. This has been helpful for me to learn over the past few years. Keeping track of your symptoms daily on a calendar can help you figure out what is copper and what is hormonal. Now I know what times of the month are best for me to detox, so I dont over load my poor body.

        Good luck in your healing journey. I wish you optimal health everyday!


      • Hi M,
        I have had depression and anxiety for many, many years. But was just diagnosed with Copper Toxicity Nov. 2013. I haven’t had any relief of either for two years, I don’t exactly know why, but I had a good 5 month period 2 years ago. I am interested in having my adrenals tested. What would I ask for in getting the tests? Is it a blood test? I am 60 years old so I don’t have a menstrual cycle. I was on Bio identical hormones until just recently my Mensah Doctor’s said that I couldn’t do them while detoxing. Let me know more about the tests for the Adrenals. I have flare ups when I think a negative thought or hear any bad news, the flare ups are my body shooting Red Hot especially my face. I was just diagnosed with Rosacea 2011. Stress and anxiety are tough on Rosacea. Since I am taking Rx for my issues I can’t take L-theanine. Thank you for any thing you can suggest. Debby

      • I’m in Sweden, but my tests were sent to the Labrix lab. in the U.S:

        A saliva test (4 tests in one day) measures your cortisol + DHEA (adrenal function) while a urine sample can determine your neurotransmitter status (serotonine, GABA, adrenaline, glutamate and others).

        Good luck to you!!


      • Hi Friends,
        I have no idea how I got my Copper Toxicity. I had the depression and anxiety before I started my detox. So my case is different that some of yours. I am feeling pretty anxious and depressed, maybe its a little worse right now. When you are depressed with anxiety its always bad. I am praying for fast and good results with the detox. As I mentioned I am being treated by the Doctors at Mensah Medical in Warrenville, Il near Chicago. So it was a plane flight and motel and food expense to get this information. They plan to test me after 6 months on the detox. I take supplements am and pm, with 75 mg of zinc in the pm. Thank You all for your encouragement and response. Blessings, Debby

      • Hi again Robin,
        Thanks for replying. I have tracked a similar pattern – I seem to be the most vulnerable while being close to, or on, my period. Both my estrogen and progesterone levels are low though, although I am estrogen dominant. Another thing I have noticed, is that very stressful events seem to trigger my copper dumps. Then I sort of get stuck in the constant adrenalin/fight-or-flight mode… for 8-10 days. Then my sensitivity to stress and sound just explodes… May I ask you Robin, for how long did you have your IUD (I assume it was a copper iud?) and have you taken a hair tissue test? If so, what were your levels…?
        Thank you so much!

      • Hi M, I had my copper IUD for 6 mos. but I also had a previous history of exposure to copper through our drinking water as a child/teen, and through birth control pills. I did have two hair tests done. I dont really remember the ranges of copper levels. It just suggested that I had hidden copper toxicity. Its been many years since those tests. Now I mostly rely on my intuition to tell me if my copper is getting too high. But I still have regular blood work done to check all my other levels such as calcium, magnesium, vita D, hormones, etc. I got a doc to order me a monthly standing, order so I can have my blood checked each month. It’s nice because I can always ask her to tack on a ceruloplasmin check or progesterone check also. Helps alot. Hair analysis can be very helpful also. I used “Doctors Data” brand at my docs office.
        Stress can induce copper dumps. That’s why learning to manage it is crucial to your recovery. I meditate and walk when I am able. I stay away from anything intense. Stress is not just physical, but can be emotional, and mental as well. So I am very careful about what I expose myself to. (,like work, or certain people, movies, sounds etc.)I hope you feel better soon. So glad we can all exchange info on here.


  34. Debby,

    Sorry to hear about your anxiety, the healing process takes time and can be really frustrating. To help me through the really tough days I would make/take a tincture of 1/2 lemon balm and 1/2 skullcap (1/2 dropper full in tea or straight if you can). This tincture is an absolute lifesaver when my mind and body would stress over every little thing….it just chills you out and helps so much. Mostly I would take it in the evening because it can make you sorta relaxed and sleepy.

    Hang in there, it does get much better with time

    *Hugs* Annie

    • Hi Annie,
      I have never heard of lemon balm and skullcap. Where can I get them? can I take them with antidepressants and sleeping Rx? I could really use some down time. I don’t work and don’t do much, but an so full of anxiety… I used to have a business and have raised two kids who are 27 and 28 now. I have been going down for the passed at least 10 years not know what was the root problem. I am praying that it is this Copper Toxicity, and that I can detox and live life. Blessings, Debby

      • Hi Debby,

        I get my tinctures and herbs from Lemon balm is an herb that calms the central nervous system. I have not taken with medication, so might be good to discuss with your dr. Works wonders for me.

        Everyone talks about eating low copper foods, but I’m not sure that is the real issue (IMHO) LIke being in a sinking raft boat and bailing out buckets of water. I guess it does help to bail out the water, but I am more concerned about correcting the reason why my body stores copper. I would rather repair the hole in the boat.

        The only copper I avoid like the plague is tap water. I will not drink water from the tap, our water in Utah has high copper from the Bingham Copper mines. Other than that, I eat whatever I want as long as it is Paleo compliant.

        *Hugs* Annie

      • Hi Annie,
        I wish you lived in Texas. I don’t know anyone who is suffering with these problems in my area. I didn’t have the IUD, infact I’m not sure how I got the Copper toxicity. I heard that all homes have copper pipes until the last 5 years in Tyler, Texas. Our home now doesn’t have Copper pipes. I am praying that this copper gets removed quickly as I have been suffering for the passed 10 years with depression and anxiety. I am feeling more anxious thinking its the detox from what I am reading on this site. I am going a little nuts trying to count everything that goes into my body as the Doctors and Mensah Medical in Warrenville said to eat low copper diet. I had lost 8 pounds, leaving me at 112 and I am 5’3, since November 2013 trying to not eat copper foods. I have recently been adding dairy to get in more calories. Dairy doesn’t agree with me very well, but I am putting on a few pounds back up to 115 – 116 lbs. I should be about 120 as I also suffer with Osteoporosis. Any tip you have I would love to continue to get ideas from all of you. Thank You, Debby

      • Debby,
        Just make sure you don’t consume too much of dairy products, since high calcium intake often makes elimination of copper harder! (Google “calcium shell”.) I also think osteoporosis often goes hand in hand with Cu toxicity, could have to do with the among cu toxicated people commonly elevated calcium levels – which is often a sign of LOW calcium “in the right places”! (biounavailable).
        Read more about calcium shell and oseoporosis here:

      • Hi again,
        Thank you for the warning about not too much dairy. I wasn’t eating dairy until I began to loose weight trying not to eat Copper Foods. What do you eat? I have almond milk but almonds are pretty high in Copper and I haven’t been able to find what the amount of Copper is in Almond milk. Please give me all the advice you can on what I should eat. I have noticed that I am feeling like I may be coming down with a yeast infection, haven’t had one in probably 20 years. Bummer! Thank You for any tip you can share. Blessings, Debby

      • Apart from staying away from high copper food like liver, chocolate, avocado, nuts, grapes etc plus sugar and caffeine, I eat much of the following: bread with pumpkin seeds, meat, chicken, eggs and also a lot of cooked vedgetables. Fruit is a special issue… Good nutritions but a lot of sugar too. But I eat at least one fruit daily. But do you know what I recently found out: organic fruit (and vedgetables) which I have prefered to eat – are often sprayed with Copper!!! (kind of the only substance that is allowed (!) in organic agriculturing…)
        But chicken, meat and eggs are my main food these days. I agree, it is hard to know what to eat and not to eat… Protein with every meal is said to be good too. /M

      • Dear M and friends,
        How did you find out about organic fruits and vegetables sprayed with Copper? That is really over the top for us fighting this copper Toxicity. I really don’t know what to eat now, knowing that my fruit and vegetables may be sprayed with Copper. Could you tell me your source to the spraying. I think we all need to complain to someone about this. Is there any way to wash the Copper off of the vegetables or is it sprayed on them as they grow and is in the fruit and vegetables? More and more confusing. Blessings and thank you for the information. Debby

      • Dear M and Friends,
        I have just begun eating dairy. I usually don’t eat much dairy, due to the way it make my stomach feel. I am really trying to get my weight back up to at least 118. Do you have any suggestions to put on weight that would be low in Copper? Blessings, Debby

      • Dear Friends,
        Every time I walk away from my computer I think… dang I didn’t mention my eyesight. I have worn glass’s for reading for years. Now in the last few months things are looking blurry, I need stronger glasses does that sound familiar to anyone else out there? I can’t see the guide on my TV very well. Too many things going on at once. Blessings, Debby

  35. Dear Friends and WM,
    How long did it take for your sons levels to come down? I started the compound in late Nov. 2013. I see so many different things on this site, but no one has really mentioned how long it has taken sounds like most folks are still detoxing. What did your son eat during the detox? Did they ever tell him what amount of Copper foods is allowable? They just told me to eat low Copper. Thanks, Debby

    • Hi all,
      my son took about a year to bring his copper down. However, everyone detoxes at different rates, so it’s hard to compare. He also had other impt issues to correct, not just copper. They included his histamine/methylation, low zinc and pyroluria. We didn’t worry about foods except chocolate because he used to binge on it, but now that he is at a normal level, he just eats what he wants and takes his supplements daily. We don’t have copper pipes, but, we would have used filtered or bought bottled water. We’ve never been given a number of copper grams to stay below – there is little emphasis on that because the compound will take care of it.

      In his case, the problem was an inherited metal metabolism problem. He just can’t process the copper properly and never will. We rest in the fact that the compound that the Mensah drs create for him take care of all of it.

      Excess copper raises havoc in your body and it does the same when you draw it out. Expect this! It is no easy process for some. My mother has the copper problem, too. However, she hasn’t felt any distress regarding her detox, but after 7 months I can clearly see a difference in her. Her copper is almost at a normal level, but not yet. She has severe pyroluria + very low zinc, and that is getting better, as well, per her recent lab test.

      The issues that we have corrected were all found one one test –
      in case anyone is interested: metabolic panel + pyroluria test+ 1 dr. mensah consulation or better, go see them.

      Hang in there. The only way out is through and you can do this!

      • Hi Friends and WM,
        I have been so anxious about everything I put in my mouth. The Nurse that called and told me my results said eat a low Copper diet. So I have been wanting to do that. Thank you for your information. WM do you live in the Chicago area? I wish I could go there and talk with the Doctors. Have you gone back to the Mensah Clinic or do you phone? Did your son wait 6 months before they retested him? I feel so bad that I want to be tested again to see if there is any difference. As you know WM we have to take our compound twice a day and not miss if we can help it. Please forgive me for all of the questions I am real anxious and feel so isolated as no one I know has this problem except you all on this blog. Thank You, Debby

      • Hi Debby, I posted the other day. My 9yr old son also has high copper and almost certain pyroluria (I was tested and have it). He is struggling so much atm. Headaches, nausea, itching – good signs he is detoxing I guess. Our dr has him on supplements; however not meth (even though he has me on meth primer) he is not certain about it. His histamine was also on the higher side. I don’t think homocysteine was – was your son high homocysteine or histamine? My son’s inflammation marker was high. Can you please tell me what supplements your son was on? Also did you have the MTHR gene tested? if so what did you ask for and can they do just a few genes so to speak. I am in Australia; so probably would have to get tested here. Guessing your son is still taking zinc, mag p5h or b6 continually as we are re pyroluria? What does your son take now also to help re copper processing? Any input would be most appreciated. He has missed so much school and I don’t see it getting easier for a little while as we only started copper detoxing 2 weeks ago. I am glad your mum is better also. Mine won’t really listen and is too anxious to go to a new Dr. I know she would benefit so much. She has had bad mental illness most of her life. Sigh. Thanks so much in advance if you have time to reply, Cecily

    • Dear WM,
      I have written to you before, I have Copper toxicity and went to Mensah also. Did your son have high zinc in his compound? I’m on 75 mg of zinc in the evening compound. I have been feeling nauseous I wondered maybe the zinc is high for me. I have called the nurse but she has said that amount was good for me. Does your son still have to watch his diet? I think you said he has to stay on supplements. Blessings, Debby

  36. Linda C permalink

    I have been poisoned by heavy metals, too, specifically, mercury. Conventional medical folks
    are not qualified to test or treat the issue(s) which are really affecting a substantial portion of
    the population according to integrative/functional/holistic medical doctors I hear on this TV –
    now quite a few years after I did my own research. has an oral chelator
    composed of many substances to help pull out toxic metals. As long as you’re not allergic to any
    of the natural powerful stuff in the tablets – it does work.
    Gluten, in all wheat products, is something to stay away from. It is a sticky molecular substance
    which does NOT help with detox. This too is a topic the TV docs talk about.
    Linda, survivor of mercury poisoning – So don’t get any amalgam (mercury) dental fillings

  37. Dear Robin and Friends,
    Has anyone noticed problems with their eye sight? I have used reading glass’s for years. But just recently things are blurry and I can’t see the guide on the TV. Has anyone noticed problems with eye sight and detoxing or maybe its just my eye sight. Please respond if you have any information. Blessings, Debby

    • Brittany permalink

      Blurry vision is a side effect of copper detox. I get it usually around ovulation or period which is when symptoms peak due to elevated progesterone your body can’t eliminate copper as well during that time.

      Brittany Mattingly


    • I think some of my friends from the “copper iud detox forum” have complained about blurry vision. So I guess it could be copper related. Bearing in mind, copper does store in the eyes. (Wilsons desease patients in particular)

      • Hi M and Friends,
        Is your Copper due to IUD? I don’t really know how I got the Copper Toxicity. I know I ate a lot of the Copper rich foods. I juiced almost everyday, and ate Nuts and Seeds, Avocados, Dark Chocolate, salmon often etc… I am going to the Eye Doctor next month and hopefully I just need to get Rx Glasses. No one has mentioned Wilson’s Disease, but of course that’s the first thing you see when you google Copper diet. Thank You, Blessings, Debby

  38. Robyn Kenny permalink

    Hello Robin

    My name is also Robyn and I live in Australia. I am 58 and have had a lifetime of problems that I have researched. When I became an adult I started trying just about every naturopath, herbalist and therapy around. It was 8 years ago that I had my first hair analysis and was put on Molybdenum to reduce the copper overload. As I still didn’t really understand what was happening it took me another 4 years before I was lucky enough to come across a doctor in Perth who specialises in nutritional medicine, Dr Igor Tabrizian, who also uses hair analysis and has a wealth of knowledge. Through him I have come to understand some of the biochemistry of the body. Unfortunately for me I have a problem absorbing vitamins and minerals etc as well as inheriting depression so the struggle to balance my body goes on. I would appreciate it if you could let me know what supplements and foods you are on.

    Thanks for taking the time to write the blog.


    • Hi Robyn, I am sorry to hear you are struggling with your health. Keeping balance in the body can be a full time job. I currently mostly eat veggies in chicken soup. Supplements I take are limited to magnesium, and vita D. I wish I had more to share with you but I am currently scaling back from supplements as I dont tolerate most of them. Good luck with your treatment program and I certainly wish you well very soon.
      Take Care,

    • Dear Robin in Australia, I am seeing Doctor’s in Chicago, Dr. Albert Mensah of Mensah Medical. He and another Doctor Dr. Bowman MD are in Australia training Doctors right now. You can call the Mensah Medical and find out what doctors in your area have been trained. Mensah Medical 630-256-8308 website You could call the Nurse Julie or Kim. I hope you can get some relief

  39. Robyn Kenny permalink

    Hi Robin

    Me again. Sorry but the “confirm follow” is not working for me.

    • Hi Robin in Australia, I hope you saw the post I just did about Mensah Medical in Chicago. That’s where I went to get diagnosed and treated. They have been in Australia for two weeks training Doctors in your area. You can call Mensah Medical at 630-256-8308 to find out who the Doctors are in your area, or go to Good Luck hope they can help you, Debby

  40. Rahna permalink


    I am a 24 year old Australian woman who just got the copper iud out. I only had it in for 2 days before getting it out. I had a pretty bad experience with insertion as my blood pressure and pulse went really low and i had to go on a drip. I am just wondering if you know how much copper is secreted as i only had it in for two days. However I am really health conscious and am thinking of taking some supplements to do a detox and try to the copper out. As you had been experiencing side effects for sometime i thought you would be a good person to ask about this. Please get back to me asap! Thanx

  41. Lisa permalink

    Thank you for sharing!!! I too had a hair analysis test and found out that my copper levels are very high as well. My adrenals are super low, thyroid low, etc. I have very similar symptoms. Like you, I came across Dr Wilson’s site and have been eating better than ever before, taking supplements and am starting to slowly improve. One day at a time. Wishing you well

    • Hi Lisa, I too am detoxing from high Copper. What are you taking to help your adrenals? I am taking thyroid Rx. I feel exhausted and have nausea, depression and anxiety. Debby

  42. Hello ladies, I m so grateful I found this blog. I had mu copper IUD since october 2011 right after I had my daughter, few months after that I started having itchy fingers which spread partially onto my palms and wrists. I thought it was an allergy to soap or shampoo so since then I changed all I could think of, I was wearing gloves constantly and also there were days I didn’t touch chemicals but nothing helped,. Its not food either. I was at such a desperate place where I could barely do anything – my fingers would not bend, my hands are extremely dry and flaky and itchy and if I scratch they would crack and bleed. And its pretty impossible not to scratch!! it is that strong. I m ashamed of my hands – they look awful! I moved from place to place within those 3 years and I lived in different states, so it can not be water or weather. I’ve been to a doctor, she said its eczema and prescribed a lotion with cortisone, it does deal with itch but nothing more. no one cares what causes it! I tried all drugstore creams and moisturizers, I sleep with cream on my hands and in soft gloves all night every night – doesn’t help.
    My family and I had a conversation where we all put possible reasons for it on the table. My family mostly consists of doctors, we are originally from Ukraine so no US experience for them. Anyway, we all agreed it has to be copper. Thats the only thing that did not change in 3 years. We started researching it and yes, it can cause eczema if your body has too much copper or allergic to it. I also realized why I had so much stress all the time and I would have fears and anger attacks for no big reasons, just over little things. I removed my IUD in MArch 2014 and yes, the ob/gyn just wished me luck with my issue! She said I should leave the iud in & try to wear copper bracelet to see if I ll have an allergic reaction. No thanks! Its been 2 month since, I still have same thing going on with my hands ( even worse) with my hands and random headaches, but I do feel more happy. I do feel the tension in my head and body, I m still tired, my memory is not as good anymore and I know I still have in me. I was hoping it will stop as soon as IUD is gone but now I can see it will take some time..I m thinking to take that HTMA test to prove to myself it is copper (copper iuds also have nickel in them) but I don’t know where to start with detox and how to get the copper out. I have to research everything myself too and I’m not planning to waste $$$ on doctors since they know nothing about it. Any advise would be a great help! Thanks! Jane

    • Hi Jane,
      I had Copper Toxicity, but not from IUD. I went from Texas to Chicago to Mensah Medical who specialize in Heavy Metal Detox. Mensah Medical 4355 Weaver Parkway suite 110 Warrenville, IL 60555 phone 630-256-8308 website You can call and see if this is something you would like to do. My levels have gone down since I started supplements in October. Good Luck hope you can get your copper levels under control asap. Blessings, Debby

  43. Melody permalink

    Thank you for writing here. Some of what you write sounds so much like me and my experience. I’ve had the IUD for 2 yrs only way I’ve kept it in so long was high dailey vitamin C. But in the last week I’ve had a seviere hive breakout that’s uncontrollable. Along with other mental disturbances and feelings. I had my IUD removed a week ago. And I’m just not ok at this point yet but moving in the right direction I hope.

    • jsmfamily permalink

      Oh I hope we are all moving in the right direction! God help us.

  44. hello Robin,
    Wow.. I am really glad I came across this blog. I am 27 year 4th year med student who just got married 6 months ago, and thought the hormone free method of copper iud was the best way to go. I had tried orthotricyclen lo with mood swings and binge eating, and then junel ( loestrin generic) for a month which was a little better, but my face was just so bloated. I have now been on the copper iud for 6 weeks. Having gone through the stresses and anxiety of medical school gracefully for 3 years, it was a huge shock that I had a full blown panic attack during the last 20 questions of my 400 question test ( which is the time in the test you are the most relieved cuz its almost over!). My hands were weak, my heart was racing, was close to fainting, and extreme fatigue after it passed. Ever since then, my anxiety levels have been through the roof ( recurrent panic attacks anywhere, anytime, mental fog, dizziness, heaviness of entire body where I feel i might fall out of my chair, knots in my stomach that feel like terror, fear of losing control, FATIGUE- i just slept 16 hours and could go for more). Its amazing how a psychiatric disorder manifests identically to a toxicity of a heavy metal like copper. I think the reason why I got these symptoms only a few weeks after insertion ( rather than most of you who have had it for YEARS) is bc I know we have MTHFR mutation in the family. i have never been tested, but my sister ( who had recurrent miscarriages and blood clots- caused by mthfr) has both mutated copies from mom and dad. Which means that I have at least one copy if not both copies as well. I hope the road to recovery for me is as simple as just a removal, since it has only been 6 weeks. I wont have high expectations, but I will see how I feel in a few weeks after removal.

    • Hi Mimi,
      I am SO glad you wrote me. It is terrifying when the toxicity builds up and causes the panic attacks etc. I certainly wish you well and if I can be of any help please feel free to write me again. I just wanted to mention that I had a similar experience, in that, before I had the copper IUD put in I was also on birth control pills (which started making me a little crazy even then). The Pill can also cause high copper levels, just so you area aware. For me I got a double dose of the copper by having been on the pill AND also having the IUD. My copper levels were already high previous to the IUD I just didn’t know it. The IUD was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. Alot of women don’t know that the Pill can cause high copper levels and I just wanted to share that with you and my blog followers. Take care and I hope you are well very soon.

      Wishing you optimal health everyday.
      Robin Eckert

      • Thanks for your reply Robin. I hadnt realized OCPs weere doing that as well. I am curious as to where I can find detox programs on the east coast, or closer to my home in VA. I know Mensah is in IL, but thats too far. Also, I know you said you are using condoms, but if you were to choose another birth control, would you do a progesterone- only one? My thoughts are that estrogen is what enhances storage of copper, so maybe a progesterone only is a better option? Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks.

      • tnm permalink

        Hi Mimi,
        Mensah also sees patients in Maryland and other states, in case that helps. They are excellent and worth the trip.
        Best wishes.

      • Hi robin, Woops, my mistake, i must have read that off a different poster. Yes, I found the information for maryland. I really appreciate all the work you have done to raise awareness of this issue. I think the lack of mainstream physician acceptance that this actually is an issue is bc it has not been studied thoroughly and published in the “mainstream” literature. I hope this changes soon, bc it causes real medical problems and great suffering to all those afflicted. Thanks again!

    • I did not say I used condoms. And after my experience with a copper IUD I would NEVER try another but different hormone emitting IUD. Nor will I EVER go back on Oral Contraceptive Pills. Because of the copper toxicity, ny body now has a hightened sensitivity to all chemicals and hormones. I am sorry to say I dont know anyone in Virginia. But if you check out my blog it will give you a 1-800 number to contact a Nutrition Response practitioner anywhere in the USA. I did Nutrition Response Testing for a few years and that really helped me detox my copper. Good Luck

    • I did not say I used condoms. And after my experience with a copper IUD I would NEVER try another but different hormone emitting IUD. Nor will I EVER go back on Oral Contraceptive Pills. Because of the copper toxicity, my body now has a heightened sensitivity to all chemicals and hormones. I am sorry to say I dont know anyone in Virginia. But if you check out my blog it will give you a 1-800 number to contact a Nutrition Response practitioner anywhere in the USA. I did Nutrition Response Testing for a few years and that really helped me detox my copper. Good Luck

      if you would like to look for a NRT practitioner in your area you can call 1-866-418-4801.

  45. thanks TNM! : )

  46. carol permalink

    Hi, Am Carolyn from Uganda (East Africa) So glad i got to find this blog. I have suffered from all symptoms shared because i had the I UD for 2years. I have hives and cough terribly. I believe this company needs to be sued and the IUD got off the market. It saddens me that the process of healing is such a long time. I am using the Sauna as my major detox and it has helped to stabilise me and have less effects I used to experience.

  47. leah kennedy permalink

    Wow. I had the copper iud implanted about 3 years ago. In the past year I have had problems such as severe blemishes, depression, manic depression, severe Adhd, confusion, tongue ulcers, thinning and decurling hair, fatigue, hopelessness, and so manythe list goes on and on. I had thought the mental were partially from previous carwreck and mental passed on from family and Iit just now is all hitting me though the wreck was 2 years ago. When my immunity is down the blemishes, and other problems get ten times worse. I started to realize im going more and more downhill and it must be related. I did the blood tests antibotics everything the doctors thought I was crazy and the more they did nothing the more I freaked. I am young and poor. I cant make it out of bed ever anymore and hate whats become. I finally just was convinced I must have become a whole other person somehow til I thought about the copper in the iud which led me to this page and now I have hope. I eat hardly anything anymore yet still am a lil overweight. I felt like there was something wrong inside of me like an allergy I thought maybe its bugs or scabbies or shingles start up or issues with my water. Theres not many things with such odd variety of symptoms but now i think I know. I have had circulation problems the pounding heart problems and severe gas or irritable bowel issues that were so bad I thought I must have accidentally got pregnant and was perhaps miscarriaging. Im glad u posted this im going to seek help right away and pls email me. I want to learn more.

  48. marie permalink

    I had my 3rd copper IUD put in end of Feb this year, I also take Diannette for my skin. First experience was an odd eye allergy that my optician could not figure periods also changed to short but very heavy.Water retention.Nausea. Dizziness started which I put down to labrythinitis but worse of all was the PMDD I got nearly every month! The feelings of loneliness, lack of motivation and depression were awful. It started to affect my job and relationships so I knew I needed to do something about it. I was convinced it was the pill and never suspected the IUD as it was my 3rd one. I’m not sure how but I had a moment where I wondered if it was the IUD and I found a website that explained about copper toxicity and taking a hormone pill made it worse. I had the IUD removed yesterday and hoping it won’t be long before I’m back to myself again! I’ve never been told nor heard of this before and more women should be made aware!

    • Hi Marie,
      I am so glad you wrote me. And yes you are right. More women should be aware of copper toxicity! I am glad to hear that you figured out that both the pill and the IUD are a bad combination. I hope your detox process is a gentle one. Keep in touch and let us all know if you come across any therapies that work really well for you. Everyone is different and somethings work well and somethings don’t. so it’s nice to have options. Take care. Wishing you optimal health everyday.

      Be Well,

    • Hi Marie. thank you so much for writing me. It sounds like you are really struggling. I am so sorry. It is an extremely diffcult thing to go through this copper toxicity. It is debilitating to say the least. And in your case you kind of got a double whammie with the other medication you were on. I certainly hope you are feeling better soon. Please feeel free to email me again with questions or any information that you come across that may be helpful tome as well. I would love to hear about how your progress goes. I have lots to learn about heavy metal toxicity, and copper in particular. Be well. take care and feel better.


  49. Rebecca permalink

    I am so relieved to see people experiencing things like me. I have had a Paraguard in for 7 months now (did it as a hormone free option) and have had so much pain. My periods have lengthened, I often double over crying from pain that is just all consuming (even when I’m not on my period). My hair has thinned I would estimate by half, my curls have dwindled and I am emotional. I am normally pretty stable emotionally (never cried in movies, always pretty calm), now I bawl during songs, bawl from happiness, bawl for no reason.

    3.5 months ago I started developing joint pains—particularly knee problems out of nowhere. I am a very active, healthy 24 year old.

    I have given the IUD a real shot and tried to have it removed a month ago because I could not take it and my OB/GYN diswayed me somehow. My doctors have looked at me in disbelief when I explain my concerns, my boyfriend things I’m making things up and I am SO relieved to see people experiencing similar things. It makes me feel less crazy and like I am not making this all up.

    Tomorrow I am finally taking it out and planning once I have the funds to work with my acupuncturist to revive my thyroids and balance my hormones.

    I will definitely come back with an update. I am terribly concerned with how to find a means of birth control that is natural.

    • Hi Rebecca, So glad you are listening to your intuition about your IUD. I am sorry you are suffering so much. Hang in there. Working with someone that can help you detox that you trust is important. So find someone that you are really comfortable with. I wish you optimal health everyday. Take care and keep in touch with your progress. Hang in there.


  50. rosstitute permalink

    What a great website and valuable resource. Thanks for taking the time to share your copper story.

    I suspect copper is implicated in my current health condition after examining some recent blood test results. Ill be following this up with a metal toxicologist soon. What I was interested to know is, what is the difference between Wilson’s disease and copper toxicity? a lot of the posts here mention that they received a DX of copper toxicity based on hair mineral analysis and proceeded to treat with supplements and diet etc. would this be an effective approach to both Wilson’s disease and copper toxicity or is Wilson’s disease a different ball game all together? I’m keen to hear thoughts on this from anyone who can offer insight. Many thanks!

    • Both cause copper toxicity.Copper toxicity can happen to anyone due to diet or environmental contributors. Wilson’s disease can be diagnosed by getting a Keiser-Fleischman Rings test. (An eye test that looks for yellow rings in the eye.) Also you can have a liver biopsy to diagnose Wilson’s disease. Wilson’s is the inability to properly detox/metabolize copper out of the body. There are also other genetic disorders that may cause copper build up in the body such as MTHFR. MTHFR is a genetic disorder that prevents proper methylation in the body. Methylation is needed to detox almost everything. It’s a complex subject but well worth investigating. You can get a blood test to determine if you have the genetic marker. (the test is MTHFR). Good luck with your research. I wish you well!
      Take care,

      • rosstitute permalink

        Robin what a wonderfully detailed response. Your efforts here are invaluable – many thanks indeed!


  51. Hello Robin!
    I’d been looking into getting an IUD for the same reasons you had considered it when one of my close friends told me about the metal poisoning. I don’t want to risk that, I already have high anxiety. I was hoping you might be able to direct me towards somewhere that I might be able to find an alternative natural birth control that doesn’t have the hormones and copper in them? What did you do when you took out the IUD?

    Thank you! And hope you’re feeling well!

    • I dont know what to recommend for birth control. I’ve been too sick to worry about having sex for years. Not neccessary for me to be on it.


  52. Sarah permalink

    I am a huge fan of infrared sauna sessions. Many people have used this to literally sweat out heavy metals, maybe this would help!

  53. Rachel S permalink

    Dear Robin,
    Who was your Dr. in Prescott? I’m thinking of moving there. I have mthfr and a few more gene mutations that I’m struggling with so I need good, reliable, alternative Healthcare. Thank you and I hope you’re getting well!

    • The doc I saw in Prescott Was Lawrence Wilson. But I didnt have good results with him. Plus he’s not a MTHFR doc, he’s a copper toxicity doc. I dot know anyone in Prescott. Sorry! Good Luck!


  54. Kelly Anderson permalink

    Hi! I have recently been experiencing all of this!!! I have gotten no answers from two ER trips this past week and I have not felt well. I have the paraguard copper IUD and I have a doctor appointment Monday for a full check of what’s going on with me! I’ve already been thinking it’s my copper iud and I told them I want it out ASAP! Please message me or tell me how you are doing and how you went about purging your body of the copper!! Thank you! Finding this article is a Godsend!

  55. samantha permalink

    Hello, I just got the Paragard copper iud inserted about 3 weeks ago. I was not aware of any future problems I may have with a copper iud, as the doctor never once even mentioned it as a possible problem. After reading this, I am kind of scared! How long did you have your copper iud in for before you took it out? And do you have any advice as far as what I can do to balance copper levels in my body out if I plan on keeping thus iud for awhile? Thanks so much!


    • First of all I wouldnt keep it in my body at all if it was me. I had mine in for 6 months and became very ill for a very very long time. why would you risk that? hope you find what is best for you. everyone is different and has different reactions. But i can tell you I would never use any iud knowing what i know now. take care.

  56. Darcy permalink

    I have had the paragard IUD since January of 2015. I am 21 years old. I never reacted well to hormones which is why I got the paragard. About a month ago I began noticing tremors stomach pain, urgency to urinate and nausea. I was constipated and took miralax but I still have tremors. I plan on getting this piece of crap removed ASAP since I believe it’s making me ill. My doctor prescribed a beta blocker for the tremors which hasn’t been helpful and believe me I’ve been a stressful person but never to the point if tremors. I think my body is overly sensitive to the copper or the fact there’s a foreign device in a sensitive part of my body. I just hope I feel better shortly after having it taken out. This has interfered with my work and school I want my life and health back

    • Hi Darcy. That sounds horrible! I am so sorry that you are going through that. Copper is a nuero-stimulant. Meaning it stimulates the brain and nerves. I think you are wise to have it removed if you are having tremors. Make sure to take great care with yourself. I wouldnt eat any sugar, caffeine, copper-rich foods, chocolate, etc while you are trying to get well. Staying calm and as little stress as possible will be very important for you. Wishing you a fast recovery and gentle detox. Take care,


  57. Thank you for sharing your story 🙂 i’m currently trying to figure out for myself if I have copper toxicity as well and running across similar problems with blood work. Can you tell me the name of the doctor in Arizona that was eventually able to help you ?

    • Hi. I am so sorry to hear you are struggling with this. It is such a complex thing to figure out. I commend you for taking it on. 🙂 The Doc in Tucson, AZ that helped me is Holly Burgess 520.241.7631. She is a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner. If there is anything else I can help with please write again. Good Luck! And hang in there, it does get better, just keep persevering. Wishing you optimal health everyday.


  58. Edie permalink

    Hi Robin,

    I so appreciate your post! I think I am suffering from copper toxicity. I only had paragard in for 1.5 months but started having mental breakdowns/brain fog/anxiety etc almost immediately. Can you be more clear about the diet/other steps you’ve taken to clear your body of the copper toxicity? How long did you actually have the iud in for? And how long until you felt normal again? I’m completely in the dark here and pretty scared so I’d totally appreciate a response. You can email me at


    • Hi Edie,
      The diet I was on restricted all copper-rich foods. Also I stayed away from wheat and grains as this seemed to aggravate my nervous system. I had my IUD in for about 6 mos. I was quite ill from the start but it took me a few months to figure things out. I then embarked on four years of trial and error to detox and recover as much as possible from copper toxicity. For me there was no magic pill. I had to figure things out the hard way. By experience. There is alot of info out there so keep researching on how to detox. Then you just have to feel out what is right for you. I have alot of good info on my blog regarding diet and Docs. I am so sorry you are going through this. I know it is super scary but it doesnt last forever. Just keep persevering. You will figure out what is right for you and start feeling better. Take great care with yourself regarding stress. It is important to manage your stress as much as possible during this time. Wishing you optimal health everyday.


    • MIMI permalink

      Hi Edie,
      I had the paragard in for 2 months and had major anxiety attacks and fatigue. I took it out and was better within a few months. Make sure you are not iron deficient by checking iron levels and try to take a multivitamin to ease you through. You may not need to detox at first- removing the paragard did wonders for me and Theres a possibility it may not be such a long and tedious process as robin and many others experienced. Good luck !

  59. rellek permalink

    Hi there.
    I have had my copper IUD/Paragard for 4 years now. I cannot tolerate hormonal birth control, and I am not sure I want children, so it seemed to be the best option.
    However, I have had odd symptoms that began about a year ago and have become progressively worse. I have always struggled some with anxiety/depression, but is has become almost unbearable, especially around menstruation. I also have joint pain/muscle aches, experience vertigo, have intolerable motion sickness, a very distended lower abdomen, extremely painful ovulation, and most recently the taste of blood/salt/bitterness in my mouth for no reason.
    I have had several blood tests done, a urine analysis, x-rays, ultrasounds, and have visited doctors in varying fields. One of my tests finally came back telling me that I have an autoimmune disease and may have a thyroid disease. But in my mind, that is sort of chicken/egg – would I have had that without the IUD, or is the copper in the IUD aggravating my symptoms?
    I am going to call my gynecologist soon and probably get my Paragard removed. I am wary, since it is such an effective method, but surely if it helps my issues it must be better to have it removed?
    I appreciate your article and your details of what you experienced.
    Thank you.

    • I am sorry to hear your symptoms are getting worse. And I am sooooooo glad to hear that you are getting the paraguard out! Take care of yourself and I am wishing you optimal health everyday. Sincerely, Robin.

  60. jackie lea permalink

    hey Robin.
    reading your story was just like looking at how my life has been for a year and a half now. i seriously could have replaced your name with mine. and called it my story. i am very thankful that i have came to the bottom of whats causing my horrible health problems. i wish you the best of luck. it feels so good to know that i am not the only one out there dealing with this misery. i am at the very start of my healing process. taking the first round of supplements to strengthen my body for copper detox. i pretty much just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. and i wonder if there is any way we could get this more well known so the people that manufacture these copper iuds could put a simple warning on them… i am very interested in trying to make this happen.

    • So glad you are getting to cause of your symptoms! I think getting a warning on the IUD is a great idea. Not quite sure how to go about it. But I’ll happily support it/you if you start the ball rolling. :))) Take care and wishing you optimal health everyday.


  61. Melanie permalink

    I got the copper IUD 3 years ago. 2 hours after the insertion I got it removed because I kept repeatedly passing out and was puking and the cramps were unbearable. My body didn’t want it. For the next two weeks I felt dizzy and then the OCD came on strong, out of nowhere. I have been in psychiatric treatment ever since but the PMDD issue is still a big one for me. I recently found mensah medical and am really hoping that could help. Any tips or support is welcomed, I really appreciate reading about your experience.

  62. Maryha permalink

    I got iud nov 30 after a termination. I went back to work in Late January. At around that time I noticed I started losing weight. Normally 130-140 now down to 120. My mood swings , omg my bf has put up with so much. I’ve had pains all over, cramps. Hot cold flashes. Appetite gone. And sex drive is sooo gone. Went to the recently doctors because now my glands are swollen in my neck. Blood tests came back normal. Nothing wrong with thyroid. Had chest x ray. Could see swollen glands in Chest so now I have to have a ct scan. I have been freaking out the past two weeks thinking that I’m literally dying. The anxiety has never been this bad. Had ultrasound but they said it’s “fine” I don’t feel fine and just want it taken out!!!! But I have to wait till June 4. I’m praying to god that I will be healthy again.

    • I hear lots of good things about Mensah Medical! I hope they get you on the track to optimal health. Wishing you well very soon! Take care.


    • I hope you feel better upon removing the iud. The body is very resilient and knows how to recover if it is given the proper environment to do so. wishing you optimal health everyday. Take care, Robin

  63. anna permalink

    Hi, can I email you please as im going through the same thing and we can help each other.

    Kind regards

  64. Hi, my son has just started detoxing from copper overload. He is 9. He also has sulphur issues and high inflammation marker and integrative dr thinks strep overgrowth (well thats what he and I had 1.5yrs ago.) He also had parasite infection back then 2- d frag and blastis (my other son had d fragilis at the same time and was immobilised and couldn’t think straight even after a month of being treated); which appears to have been fixed) which had to be treated 1st. Prior to that he was diagnosed with anxiety and Oppositional behaviour. We went on gaps for a time; which helped (carefull of the nut contents though; and histamine) Doing gluten free now. This is so hard. He has a real problem going to school and I don’t know what to do. (he has missed so much). It is such a struggle. Do I insist; or not. There has been times he clings to the bed; saying I want to die. When he goes he likes it! However I know he is feeling crap at times due to detox; however he’s not too bad on the weekend. (few outbursts) however he always holds it goether at school – get’s student of the week etc) Ps Dr has put him on enzymes, creon and interfase. Bioton. 500mg vit c a day. 2 drops selenium. Primer 75mg inc. zinc, b6 -p5p, magnesium, e maganese etc, – also almost sure pyrolle disorder; I have that too. It’s just awful. He goes from an outgoing over the top happy kid; to fatigued; angry, stressed – cortisol was 627, histamine on higher side also. I am trying to avoid higher copper foods; just found out sweet potatoes are also high tonight. Sigh. Struggling; and appears will take some time to correct looking at other posts. Then we need to treat sulphur and bacterial overgrowth (suspected due to high inflamation marker). It is so hard. I also suffer from anxiety. My copper appeared normal; however it can be stored as you know. I had SVT and had heart ablation last year. I am wondering if I could have increased potassium to help – most of are probably low in that. I get a lot of sore joints and muscles also. – I’ve just ordered some potassium to help. PS I find primrose oil helps re pmt and when menstrating. Sorry this is disjointed. It is nice to talk with other people going through this. Love to you all.

    • Thank you for sharing your story and struggles. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. It sounds very complex. Have you looked into MTHFR? It is a genetic disorder that prevents proper methylation/detox in people. It is hereditary. There is a great website that may shed some light in the subject for you. It is worth getting tested for as I found it to be the base of alot of my detox issues with copper and other metals as well. I wish you and your family well very soon. Keep up the fight and keep researching for answers! I know it’s not easy and I commend you on continuing to try to figure this all out.

      Take care,

      • Dear Robin, Thank you so much for your reply. I personally take primer with meth. prescribed by the same dr 1.5yrs ago. (even though I was not tested) The dr mentioned it as a possibility for my son but not sure and did not put him on the primer with meth. Reading now thanks); maybe because his inflammation marker is very high and meth will make him feel worse until inflammation lowered. Can I ask what your ratio copper / zinc was from your blood – is it level now? Does taking meth help keep copper down also because it detoxes? I see that you are in Australia as I am – I am on the Gold Coast. Where did you get tested for the gene(s) and what did you ask for? I would like our whole family to get it done but I cringe at the expense with all the Dr’s bills etc. Do they test specifically for certain genes? I certainly want to know what we are dealing with. Do you still have to eat lower copper foods and does it mean you can not detox as well from all metals? I am finding it frustrating as whfoods nutritional copper data is different to other websites. Nutrition data and nutrition and you. How do we know which to believe?? (I understand different parts of the world will be different; but you would think they would be more in sinc. I also read that there were testings at a SA uni and found high metals (over the rec. limit) found in rice; including Aust rice. Brown rice is worse. Sigh. I just bought some milk thistle supplements; hoping that will help with the liver.. However with his severe nausea, fatigue headaches, itchiness I am concerned he’s not detoxing it properly.. sorry about all the questions. Thanks so much, Best wishes, Cecily

  65. Latasha Thomas permalink

    How r u now my Iud have been out for 8mo now still a hard detox process

    • hello. I am sorry to hear you are struggling with copper detox. I am still very sensitive to copper foods etc. The deetox has gotten better but i still have some months where things get really hard. I wish I could be more helpful right now. I encourage you to stay active in your research for things that help you cope and learn as much as possible about detox and MTHFR. I have found them both to be quite linked together. Wishing you well and take care,


  66. Aimee permalink

    I too, think I’m experiencing copper toxicity. I have had the para guard for 6 years and have had emotional issues, depression, pain in my joints, unexplained bleeding, mental confusion, exhaustion, etc., all things that never existed before. I often thought it was because I had two young children and it was mommy brain. The thing is, is that it’s only become worse over time.
    After a lot of research online, I’m feeling angry and betrayed. I have not felt myself for some time now, I thank everyone who has posted their story. I now know that I’m not crazy and there is a reason for all of my symptons.
    I plan on having my iud removed next week and then start a heavy metal detox program. I am happy to have found all this information but saddened that it took so long and have wasted so many years thinking it was all in my head…

    • Aimee, I am so sorry. I understand you feel betrayed. It is really difficult to process. Years of wasted life feeling really shitty! I do wish you well very soon and good luck with your detox journey. Hang in there.:)

      Wishing you optimal health everyday,


  67. Cali permalink

    Hi Robin I suffer from excruciating bladder infection symptoms that cannot be found and vaginal problem as well as copper TOXICTY .. Recently I have developed problems w a lazy colon and slow peristalis possibly from quitting a muscle relaxant.. So I’m working with a Practioner but food is very slow. Moving thru me and am constipated in a sense that the muscle arnt working efficiently now.. Could be related to hypothyroidism but was onset. After quitting meds flowed by enemas and laxatives I really need some hope … I was looking into juicing as a way to help but I’ve heard this can be detrimental can you give me any suggestions , the urine is burning my skin now and it’s very disheartening … Wonderderd if juicing would help cleanse the bladder a little….

    • Hi. I dont really know much about the bladder. Not sure if juicing would help or not. Not something I am familiar with. I dont juice I blend. Muscle relaxants usually relax muscles. Therefor I would think that if you stopped taking one then your muscles would go back to contracting in a normal fashion, ie peristalsis. I have a slow colon as well. For me I try to eat high fiber foods like celery which also happens to be high in magnesium. I also take a little flaxseed meal once in awhile too. Sorry wish I could be of more help. If you were dependent on laxatives and now you are off them it may take awhile for the body to re-regulate itself colon-wise. Good luck. And take care.


  68. Jessica permalink

    Omg the same thing happen to me. I had the copper Iud copper but I had it in for 5 years. I had it taken out about 8 months ago. I went on the hgc diet because I obviously gained weight for having it in.I lost 18 pounds but weird thing I still have a lot of facial swelling still and I’m allergic to nickel and it had nickel in it. I do plan on having a baby too and I have been trying I’m scared that the iud ruined everything for me. So my question for u is I would like to know the diet they put u on to help rid of the toxicans I’m really trying just to still figure this out. I would really like to get back to my normal self. I really thought I was crazy reading up story was like reading my own.

    • Thank you for writing. So sorry to hear you are struggling. I chose a diet that was mostly vegetables, no sugar, certainly no caffeine or stimulants of any kind, all the lowest copper foods. I Researched which foods had high copper and stayed away from them for quite some time. I mostly ate sweet potatoes, salads (but no kale), lots of broth based soups, no wheat/gluten etc. I wish I could be more help. everyone is different and may react differently to diets etc. Becareful and I wish you well very soon. take care.


  69. Hi Robin,
    I think I’ve been struggling with copper toxicity lately. I went on birth control at 19 and soon after I started being anxious all the time with serious digestive problems. I realize now my diet used to be primary high copper foods and combined with a high stress student lifestyle. I never was on any medication before this, my mom prefers natural and holistic medicine. I’m taking zinc, magnesium and homeopathic adrenal support right now along with drinking liver support tea and avoiding copper foods. I did see a homeopath and was given black walnut with Bach flower clematis and phosphorus. Its definitely a long struggle I’ve begun and its kindof upsetting this started for me so young, I’m 20 now and I just hope I’ll get back to normal soon.

    • I hope you are feeling better very soon too! It’s no easy road that’s for sure. But hang in there and it give it some time. Wishing you optimal health everyday!


  70. Carly Samaras permalink

    Omg thank you so much!! I’ve been going through the same thing, doctor after doctor to no avail, thinking my breast cancer was back somewhere else, and now I’m having my copper iud removed Friday…every symptom is what I’ve been going through thinking I was going crazy!!! Thank you soooo much!!

    • Hi Carly,
      I am so glad I could be of some help in anyway. It’s difficult enough just getting through these health crisis(s) let alone without any support. I hope you are feeling better soon! Hang in there! Wishing you optimal health everyday!


  71. I had the copper iud for 7years and blamed all my symptoms on a car wreck that happened not long after having it put in. It has been 14years since it was put in and I am just now finding out about copper toxicity! Every article I read is describing me. I even think I have passed it to my son who I got pregnant with about a year after the IUD was removed. I need to know where to start!! I want my life back!

    • I know it is shocking when you first find out that the stupid IUD is toxic! I was shocked too. I am so sorry that you are struggling with this. My blog has some helpful info in it. Too much to mention in a message. Hopefully you will find something in there to get you started in the right path for you. I support you in following your intuition as much as possible. Hang in there! You can get through this. I would first start by finding a practitioner (naturopath, accupuncturist, etc) that can assist you with your detox symptoms and can help support you. I wish you a gentle detox and optimal health soon! Take care, Robin.

  72. Lisa Stroud permalink


    I believe I am suffering with this and would like to hear more about your programme, please get in touch, I need help! No one believes me ..

    Thank you


    • Hi Lisa, I am so sorry you are struggling with copper. I dont really have a program. My blog posts have alot of helpful information. Maybe take a look at those. It’s too much to mention in a email. Everyone is different and may need different approaches to detoxing and diet. I wish you all the best and know that I understand how difficult this is for you. Feel free to contact me again for support. Wishing you well everyday!


  73. Brandy permalink

    Can I keep the iud in and just change what I eat? What should I change? What should I eat?

    • I cannot tell you what to eat. Or if you should have the IUD out. I can only tell you what helped me. I removed my iud immeditately once I figured it out. And then I avoided copper-rich foods for awhile until my copper levels came down. So sorry you are struggling with this. It is really hard! I think getting with a naturopath practitioner might help you. you need someone that can guide you. But ultimately you have to decide what is best for you. It helped me immensely to stay away from chocolate, coffee, sugar and all flour. I hope you feel better soon.

      WArm Regards,

  74. Farrah permalink

    Hello Robin!

    Thank you for sharing! I believe I may be toxic as well from a tetanus shot.

    I’ve been praying for guidance and I think I may email you!

    I ask only a couple of questions from!

    Thank you!

    From a very hopeful girl 🙂


  75. Danielle permalink

    I realize this was written a very long time ago-however-how long did it take you to get back to “normal.” I just got my IUD out about 2 weeks ago and I am feeling crazy/obsessive compulsive thoughts/almost suicidal. It’s awful. How and when did they stop/what did you do to counteract them?


    • Sarah permalink

      I went back to normal almost immediately. I am a big fan of infrared sauna sessions too, if you have that in your area it’s great for sweating out/detoxing from heavy metals. I hope you are back to your old self soon!

    • Hi Danielle,
      I never had suicidal thoughts thank God! I had obsessive thinking and negative thoughts. I would strongly suggest you get with a MD that can help you address this issue. Maybe you are on a certain medication or something that maybe adding fuel to the fire? I am so sorry you are struggling. Hang in there! Copper toxicity is very serious and I know it is difficult to go through all the horrible symptoms. Getting a practitioner to help with them is imperative! Wishing you well everyday. Take care,

      • Danielle permalink

        Hi Robin, I actually am not on any medication/nor have I ever been. The suicidal thoughts have slowed-the obsessive thinking seems to be brought on in stressful times however-I seem to be more high strung then before I had this IUD. I have now had it out for three weeks-seems I am slowly improving. Much better then when I had it in or the first two weeks, Thank God.

  76. Yes! Far infared saunas are wonderful. Except if your body is already overwhelmed with detox symptoms you may want to hold incurring any more detox at the moment. Adding detox in top of detox can be devastating to the nervous system and the adrenals. I usually approach detox with kid gloves and go slow at first. Maybe just go in the sauan for just a few minutes then wait and see how you feel. Some people have to work up to longer times once they have established that they can tolerate the detox from sauna. Good luck!

  77. Glad to hear they symptoms are subsiding!

  78. Jessica Buffler permalink

    I’m just starting the process… I am supplementing like crazy! This may not be the best thing.
    I would love to email you. I have quite a horror story too.
    I hope my message finds you on the up…


    • Hi Jess, Sorry to hear you are struggling with copper detox. Feel free to share your story here if you would like. Lots of people benefit from hearing others’ experiences. Wishing you optimal health everyday.

  79. Kathy permalink

    Hi Robin,
    I also had hair analysis from naturopath and had cooper. I also take standard process supplements. Yes expensive and yes it works! I feel much better. I don’t get sick as much either. Any ways, I don’t know many other people who take these supplements, but wish more knew how good they are.
    I have another hair test soon to check again.
    Good luck to you!

  80. sofiajrenee permalink

    None of the information below is to be used to treat, cure, or diagnose any condition. It is to be used for educational purposes only. I am not a physician.

    I was eating an anti-inflammatory diet, sleeping well, exercising daily, and was a very bright, energetic person. I has no major health issues, other than a gassy belly. Then, at 21, I had a copper iud placed. Week one, I had heavy bleeding and cramping, nausea, and headaches. I could count on my hands the incidents of PMS I had prior to this time. Week two, I’m sleeping 11+hours and dragging myself out of bed. I start having ruptured ovarian cysts and yeast infections too. Never had any of this before. Week 3, I have blood work done and my liver work up shows acute liver failure. My gyno says there is no way the IUD caused this. I have it taken out…and within a few days, all symptoms subside. I continue eating and living healthy, the “health nut” of my friends. Fast forward 3 years, I have chronic yeast infections with terrible lacerations, chronic hemorrhoids, fatigue, severe itching from any fruit/starchy veggie/grain, insomnia, hair loss, facial jaundice, horrific migraines, reactive hypoglycemia, intermittent panic attacks, social anxiety, and horrible memory/concentration. I live in the mecca of U.S. naturopathy, and my well-respected naturopath’s treatment fails. My blood work is totally normal, with exception to low postprandial sugar. My GI scope is normal. I try anti-candida diets/protocols (apple cider, suppository, bentonite and other clay, evidence-based probiotics, garlic, oral tea tree, capricylic acid), paleo autoimmune, GAPS diet, acupuncture with herbs…nothing works. Finally, in a month, I went from 120 to 99 lbs, at 5 ft 4 in. I was terrified. I acknowledged for the first time that death may be imminent. I caved and tried the very WEIRD nutritional balancing program…just the “free program”, the diet component only. Within a few weeks, half my symptoms disappeared. So…I added the free program supplements..and my energy level sky rocketed. Let me add that I had been taking standard supplements from a naturopath for almost a decade prior (cod liver oil, b complex, ferrous sulfate (iron) vit c/d, calcium/magnesium, ground flax seeds). I’m telling you, the effect of the nutritional balancing supplements was superior by leaps and bounds. Eventually, I had hair testing fone, and started the full, customized program. I stick to it to the T. It has been 7 months now. The detox was terribly horrific the first 3 months. Months 4-6 it was mildly horrific. Lately, it’s been pretty darn tolerable. Initially, I had weird, leprosy-like blisters on my hands, reminiscent of an allergic reaction to a childhood mefication, and now I have bilateral yellow toe nails, one of which has been severely and painfully inflamed. My mood swings and insomnia were horrible at the start of detox, but now that is minimal too. Despite these crazy detox reactions, I continue. I continue because: 1) most of my symptoms have resolved, 2) on good days…I feel better than ever, 3) I have now personally met or contacted about half a dozen people who have practiced and/or tried the nutritional balancing program with miraculous results, 4) even my super skeptical medically-trained significant other is now on board. I am astounded at the power of this program. In my dream world, I wish every human in this world was on it ha ha…the world would be much better off. I am not religious, but this has been a God send. The health of most of my 30 and under friends is declining and many already have chronic conditions. The copper iud removal is a start…but there is so much more that can and needs to be done to optimally restore health to maximal functioning. Rant complete! 😉

  81. Claire permalink

    Hi there,
    Thank goodness for post like these!! I had the copper iud put in on April 5th and woke up on May 5 the with anxiety.I wasn’t myself and I knew something wasn’t right. The anxiety continued and I became a emotional wreak. I was beginning to have horrible thoughts as feelings about my boyfriend that didn’t add up.nothing was making sense until I went to see a therapist. We hastens throught my whole history and realtionship.still nothing seemed to be adding up,both my therapist and i still couldn’t figure out my anxiety. At the end of session I mention getting a copper iud put in a month ago.we looked at a calendar and saw the quincidence of the dates (exactly one month).it was a big AHAA moment for me! I got it taken out 2 days later (today).I am praying this is the sourse of my anxiety!

  82. Claire permalink

    So thankful for this blog!!!
    On April 5th I got a copper iud inserted and on May 5th I woke up a different person. I had horrible anxiety,bad feelings about my boyfriend, emtionally unstable to the point I was debilitating.I felt I had to break up with my boyfriend for no reason at all, I was the worst 2 weeks I’ve had in years. I knew something wasn’t right but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I went to see a therapist and we went through my whole history and relationship. We still could not figure out why I had such bad anxiety and why I was a emotional wreak. It wasn’t until I mentioned that I got a iud in about a month ago that she looked at a calander and figuered out it might be my iud. Big big AHAA moment!!! 2 days later (today) I got it taken out.horrible experience and know I am cusious about the amount if copper in my diet. I still have anxiety but I pray it goes away!!

  83. marceia permalink

    I have had a struggle with copper toxicity and copper iud. All the symptoms you describe are very familiar to me other than the weoght….I gained excessive weight. My iud was removed a year ago. I took raw zinc and cataplex Vitamin D. Finally starting to feel like myself again. I went to my hair dresser yesterday and was informed that my hair color had changed….most likely from the copper comming out of my body.

  84. I’m having a very similar experience thanks for sharing yours. My copper symptoms are unpredictable and awful mostly in my head region. I’ve learned to not add panic to all the horrid bodily sensations. I’m on a low copper diet and good nutrient regime inc small doses of zinc magnesium vit C selenium boron and pregnelone. I crashed badly with surging adrenals about 8 weeks ago. The recovery is slow but progressing. Copper is sky high and my practitioner is prescribing molybdenum for that. Havnt received that yet but I do believe the pregnelalone has helped a lot in the last 4 days. Please let me know how you are progressing and if u have any tips. X

    • Hi. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling with copper toxicity. I am very familiar with the adrenal crash and adrenaline rushes. It is terrifying and exhausting. I have been researching MTHFR more lately and am sorry to say I dont have anything new to share with you about copper. MTHFR is a genetic disorder where the person doesn’t methylate properly which ulitmately prevents them from detoxing properly. It is a complex subject and I am still trying to grasp the whole thing myself. I wish you well and hope that you are feeling better very soon. You may want to research MTHFR as it is now known to be a fairly common genetic disorder. It may play into your copper issues.

      Be Well,

      • Hi Robin,

        thanks so much for your speedy reply, it seems we are probably on the same path! My practitioner just suggested I get tested for that genetic MTHFR. I think I have read everything on the Internet to do with copper! I guess when it comes down to it you cannot separate one thing from another, adrenals are closely tied in with thyroid and hormones and it goes on and on doesn’t it? I’m trying to seek a balance in my life – reducing stress, support my body with the right vitamins and minerals, meditate and find and do things that bring me joy. I’ll attach my story and my findings as a word doc if you are interested to read it,

        Cheers, Leonie


      • Leonie, Sounds like you are in a good place with your healing journey and I support you in finding that joy and continue with the meditation etc. Sometimes thats all we can do. Take care!

  85. Meagan f permalink


    I was just searching on Google and found your post. Everything you were experiencing with copper iud, I am for a couple years! I still have the iud in but am getting it out in 4 weeks.. After reading that I wish It was now. I have all the symptoms you described. I started thinking I was depressed and doctors are trying to push antidepressants on me. It would be greatly appreciated if you can give me some feedback and your outcome. Thank you so much for this post , opened my eyes.

    • Hi Meagan,

      It is shocking when we finally figure out what may be causing our suffering isnt it? I am so glad you are on the road to recovery. I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice but I can tell yo what has helped me. Currently I am doing far-infared sauna. I purchased a portable the sauna on Amazon for $250. I use it everyday and it has definately helped me. I do have to be careful not to stay in too long and induce too much detox at one time. For me a little detox goes a long way. Hope you are feeling better very soon and wishing you optimal health everyday!

  86. MARILYN permalink

    I am a paranoid schizophrenic already. And was doing FINE unmedicated before and after pregnancy. Until i got the copper IUD .
    However the copper iud was removed THIS MORNING because I did research on copper toxicity..
    My psychosis is TERRIBLE 12hrs after removal!(not homicidal nor suicidal) ..just feeling CRAZY!
    Will it go out of my system?
    Is it a matter of time?

    • Hi. It is sooooo unfortunate that you are suffering from the copper iud. I am so sorry. It does take time to get the copper out of your system. I would recommend finding a health practitioner that can help guide you through a detox process. Hand in there. Everyone is different. Some metabolize it out faster than others. Take care, Robin

  87. Lily Fagioli permalink

    Hi Robin,
    Thank you for sharing your story. I am a final year nutrition student and recently lost my mum.
    While I have a gorgeous partner and 7y/o boy, we would like another child but not now.
    Feeling vulnerable after the death of my mum, we had a few encounters where I needed emergency contraception within 2 months, the second time left my bleeding for 2 wks! I decided to get the copper IUD as a non-hormonal contraceptive, unfortunately without much information and the push of a female doctor who regarded it highly. I mention the death of my mother to express the fragility of my mental wellbeing. Although I don’t want a baby right now, i felt vulnerable in having unprotected sex with my partner, where for a short time we were throwing caution to the wind, with the attraction of letting life decide what we wanted…. after all…. babies are a true miracle.
    Today is 15 days after insertion.
    The first 4 days were hideous cramping, foul smelling discharge (they say to contact docs if this occurs but i figured the use of local anesthetic spray is going to throw off my microflora environment so i pushed through, trying to counteract with supplements and self care). The cramps stopped for some days, then i got terribly sad, disconnected from all the love in my life, a sore back and was having anxiety attacks. Im used to dealing with anxiety, but this was markedly different. Day 8 i got the mother of all periods (unusual for me). I’ve bled heavily (HEAVILY) for the past week, still with cramping and PMS type symptoms like breast tenderness, sore lower back, cravings for sugar and carbs and a very low mood and crappy outlook on life. Yesterday, I woke up with severe back pain and abdominal pain that worsened as the day went on. To the point where I was unable to look after my son and put myself to bed in tears. No position helped, only hot water bottle with lavander and mentally shifting my awareness of the pain. Still massive pain today. I go to the doctor (different to that one time i saw the Paraguard supporter!) and she took my symtoms very seriously, examining internally and externally, checking my vital signs for infection etc. She identified that the pain was coming from the left side of my uterus, radiating across my whole abdomen and back.
    She’s sending me for an ultrasound tomorrow, saying she thought the IUD might have moved to my cervix (even though the strings are still in place).
    Rare they say? All of the websites say that it is rare for them to move and lodge elsewhere. … what a load of bollocks!
    I hadn’t put all of the symtoms together until now. Although I am dealing with grief and high stress, those anxiety attacks were so unusual for me. And the back pain was not eased by usual methods such as magnesium, massage or tiger balm.
    As a nutrition student, I’ve been fully prepared (and taken measures) to deal with the possible side effects due to increase in bleeding and copper load, but this little terror is coming out!
    I am so thankful that my body has quickly reacted and let me know that this is NOT ok for me. And as a nutrition student, I know all too well that it is insidious things like this that can have long lasting negative effects on the body and mind that health professionals may or may not be able to identify or help you with. And as many people have written on here, sadly, spending so much time, money and energy to try and feel well again. Just having read these stories and a confirmation that something is NOT right, I feel better.
    So thanks everyone for sharing, I truly wish you all, total wellness ♡ I wish I had found this before the insertion but this timing is perfect as I know realise that I can trust myself in the decisions I make and that my body and mind are firmly connected… even when I’m feeling vulnerable.
    During all of this, I found a great app (clue) to track my cycles, signs and symptoms and will use it to continue with the rhythm method as contraception.
    As a side-note, in Victoria (Australia), nutritionists and naturopaths can request hair analysis. Also, across Australia, there are student clinics (strictly supervised), which makes natural health-care a lot more affordable.
    Thanks for reading,

    • Wow, Well done Lily in listening to your intuition! You are a bright and sensitive individual. I hope you are on the path to optimal wellness and health very soon! And thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Wishing you the best care and recovery.

  88. Mari permalink

    Hello Robin,

    I was diagnosed with copper toxicity, mine it shown in the blood work as 2 1/2 times higher than normal! I am doing the HMA as well now. I wonder if this was one of your symptoms or not? I have had nerve pain on my palms, fingers, soles of feet and toes with tinglings, shooting pains, stabbing pain, fizzy like feeling, numbness, soreness, pins and needles and also have had severe muscle pain, my muscle felt like they have been tied in a knot a lot of the time, spasms a lot and just really strong soreness. Also my adrenal glands were low and it has affected my daily living a lot. I would wake up in agony every morning and pray to God to help me with the pain. How did you deal with the pain in the meantime till you became well? Would you be willing to share with me the regime you were put on for food and for treatment. My doctor knows about copper toxicity, she knows muscle tightness is one of the symptoms, but thinks the detox causes no symptoms! I have had days I did not need any pain relief followed by some days I needed multiple prescription ones. As you, I don’t have much money, I can’t work with my condition, have 2 children at school and my husband is studying and does not have work yet. So it’s tough.

    Would you mind emailing me more about the treatment? How long did it take you to recover?

    Thanks and God bless you. mari @ .

    • Hi Mari. as far as pain goes I never had extreme pain to the point where I had to take prescription medication. My pain was pretty bad but I chose to not toxify myself any more than I had to with prescription drugs. I don’t have a suggestion for the pain other than to do whatever you can to comfort yourself. Hot baths, meditation, yoga, napping, getting lots of rest, tea. I don’t really have a regimen of any kind. I just stay away from high copper Foods and any stimulants such as chocolate, coffee, sugar, wheat. I will tell you that when I was detoxing I had to be careful not to detox too much at one time. If I did this I would feel horrible and couldn’t work. I had to back off on the detoxing and just do a tiny bit at a time and then wait and recover. After I would recover I would resume the detoxing program. But to be clear I only detoxed a couple days every 2 or 3 weeks. That’s how intense the heavy metals can be on the body. I had to give my body a chance to recover in between the detoxing. I found when I didn’t give it a chance to rest and recover my adrenals would get very very taxed and the fatigue would be so extreme I couldn’t work or do anything. I learned to listen to my body. I was in extreme fatigue I didn’t even attempt to detox anything. I would wait until I was feeling slightly stronger to do something like that. I hope that this helps in some way. I know it is a difficult path to get through but keep persevering and keep researching what works best for you. And most importantly listen to your body and your intuition. Doctors don’t know everything. In fact they know very little about you. Only you know what is best for you. Take care and wishing you Optimal Health every day. Sincerely, Robin.

  89. Shelley King permalink

    Hi Robin,

    I am in the UK and I believe strongly I am suffering with Copper Toxicity. I had the copper iud August 2015, it was terribly painful and instantly my periods were so heavy and painful, which I’d never experienced before. In December 2015 I suffered my first attack, combined with flu (or so the Dr’s tell me). I was really ill for 5-6 weeks but the anxiety was off the scale. I’m a confident person so to feel despair like this was a shock. I honestly thought I was dying but no one was paying any attention. I woke up with racing thoughts and my heart felt like it was going to thump out of my chest. As well as flu symptoms, dizziness, no memory, double vision and tingling down my right side. Which is still occurring and I’m under the hospital. Who don’t seem very interested now an MRI scan has come back clear.

    Due to a very determined friend we stumbled across a ‘copper toxicity’ article by an American Professor, one by one I read and matched the symptoms. AT LAST I WASN’T GOING MAD! My husband is very supportive thankful, though terribly frustrated with my terrible memory, otherwise we wouldn’t have celebrated our 8 year anniversary yesterday. This has honestly been the worst year of my life.

    I had the coil removed at the beginning of June 2016, while removing the coil my Dr was still trying to convince me it wasn’t anything to do with the coil, as it had no hormones. As soon as it was removed I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face, I honestly felt like skipping down the corridor.

    Unfortunately that hasn’t been the last of it, don’t get me wrong I do feel better than I did, but I’m desperate to rid this toxicity once and for all. I’m finding now my attacks are pre and post periods. I’m still under the dr who has tried to convince me to take antidepressants, telling me I have GORDS, neurological problems which I’m being sent for electro tests for nerve damage re double vision and tingly sensations in my right side. Also he’s told me today if I’m into researching to research ‘Caerulophasmin’, which has panicked me because that’s strongly linked to Wilsons disease’.

    I’ve been offered an acupuncturists and a homeopaths details do you think this would help? I dread doing anything to make me worse again. I’ve been feeling well for a few weeks but the trip to the Dr’s today has made me wobble. I’ve spoken with him with regards to copper toxicity lots of times but he says there’s no tests to check the balance of metals, well he then followed it up with ‘there is but without a very good reason they’ll probably refuse the test’.


    • Hi Shelly. Thank you so much for your message! First off I would say congratulations for figuring this out for yourself. That’s a huge feat in itself. Secondly I would say I’m not a doctor and I can’t dispense medical advice. I can only tell you what helped me. I found it very helpful to work with a natural path. They can run all kinds of tests and will look for things that a traditional MD would not. I would definitely get your ceruloplasmin checked it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have Wilson’s disease. My ceruloplasmin was off the charts and I do not have high ceruloplasmin today. So it is possible to reduce the copper and not be diagnosed with Wilson’s disease just so you know. A natural path can do the heavy metals testing among other tests that would be pertinent. I’m glad you are feeling better and I would caution you to continue to listen to your own intuition and your own body symptoms. Medical doctors aren’t you. only you know what’s best for you. Naturopath can help you slowly detox the copper in a way that is safe. Good luck on your healing journey and I wish you Optimal Health every day. Sincerely, Robin

  90. I have felt really ill taking copper coil loads of side effects

  91. Lexi mandrell permalink

    I would love to know more about detoxing your body of the metals. It looks like you just wrote my story.

    • Hi Lexi. Thank you for writing. Since I am not a doctor I cannot prescribed or recommend any specific detox diet. I can tell you however what worked for me. My detox was a little bit complicated though because I also have a genetic mutation MTHFR. So I had to detox very very slowly over a very long period Of time. Many years. I did not tolerate any detox supplements so I mostly just stayed away from high copper Foods and any toxins in general. No chocolate no sugar no wheat no Dairy no alcohol no caffeine. I also bought a far infrared sauna to use couple times a week which helped a lot as well. When we detox too much too fast our adrenals get crushed. I had to be very careful because I was already in extreme adrenal exhaustion. I made sure to get plenty of rest as often as possible. I didn’t tolerate exercise other than very slow walking. I hope this is helpful. I know copper toxicity is a nightmare for so many people. Hang in there it does get better. But it is a slow process at least for me it was. I will try to post a very educational article on MTHFR and copper on this blog site soon. It might help shed some light on both issues. Sincerely, Robin. Wishing you Optimal Health everyday.

  92. Have you finished or completely recovered from the metals?? I am just starting this hell and was wondering if it all helped you??!!

    • Hi Melody. Well hell is an appropriate word to describe the whole entire process that’s for sure. Sorry to hear that you are having to go through this. For me heavy metal detox is something that I have to do small amounts at a time. It tends to make me quite ill so I don’t do very much. And I certainly only choose to detox when I’m feeling more well. It has helped. I found a clay that I mix with water and drink. This has helped a number of different things. And I also have a far infrared sauna that I use for detox as well. Again these are things that I have to do small amounts at a time. Everyone is different. But having levels are very hard to process so I recommend going slow with it. Hope this is helpful. Wishing you all the best and Optimal Health every day. Sincerely, Robin.

  93. aniko blasko permalink

    I appreciate your story, I am thinking to do the hair test.
    My question is, do you have white sports on your finger nails?

  94. Renee permalink

    Hi Robin,
    Thank you so much for sharing. I developed an anxiety disorder while I had a copper coil iud. I had it only 8 months, and was aware that my anxiety could be iud related. I’m in a support group, and all the other ladies post removal have had such a smoother recovery. I am still a prisoner in my home 12 weeks post removal. I rarely leave my bed. I think my body is having a hard time ditching the excess metal in my system. I wasn’t depressed at the time of my removal, but could safely say I now am. I’m having such a hard time coping. I’ve been referred to a psychologist, but having beaten crippling anxiety in the past, I know the methods I will be taught to try and rationalise an attack, and I have been using them to absolutely no avail. I want my life back. I’m interested in hearing about your detox method. I really look forward to hearing from you, and even if I don’t, your blog post has somewhat calmed me of the panic that I actually have destroyed my chances of sanity.
    Thank you again. X

    • Hello and thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m so sorry that you’re having to go through this. I understand the physical struggle as well as the emotional. It is undoubtedly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. Some people do not detox well. I am one of those people. I still have issues detoxing metals to this day. And that’s because I have a genetic disorder called MTHFR. for Years I struggled to detox copper until I found out I had this disorder. You may want to look into getting tested for MTHFR. Check out the website Dr. Ben Lynch is the Premier expert in this field. Almost 50% of the population has this genetic disorder! Hang in there! I know that depression is very difficult to handle. Just keep doing all the things you can to support yourself. Lots of rest maybe, a little meditation, some slow walks. And know that this will not last forever.

      I don’t have a particular detox method. Because of my MTHFR I had to back way off trying to detox. Too much detox too fast made me very sick. I basically avoid High copper foods. And any foods that might catalyze detox. When I’m feeling well enough I try detoxing a very small amount. But only when I was feeling well! Or shall I say stronger. I never really felt well. I ended up buying a portable far infrared sauna from Amazon for about $300. I use this in small doses 5 or 10 minutes at a time. This has been very helpful. Of course I also avoided any stimulants of any kind like sugar wheat chocolate coffee. My adrenals were taxed Too Much from the copper which is a nuero- stimulant. So having any excess stimulants catalyzed panic attacks and horrible adrenal fatigue.

      Again I’m so sorry for your struggle I hope this helps. Hang in there. And keep doing your research on your health. If you come up with any successful detox experiments for yourself please feel free to post it on this website. I’m wishing you Optimal Health everyday! Sincerely, Robin

  95. Amanda permalink

    Robin, I know this was posted years ago but how was the detox? How are you doing now? What copper levels were revealed in the hair analysis? I am asking because I am also awaiting my results. I pray this is why it is, just to have an answer. This is debilitating at best.


    • Hi Amanda,

      I dont know the levels of my hair analysis exactly but my copper, among many other metals, was quite high. I very slowly detoxed naturally. I never used any drugs to catalyze detox. I am very sensitive to pharmacology and in general do not tolerate it. I am sorry you are struggling with this right now. It is very devastating and depressing. It took me five years to get a handle on how and when to try detoxing for my sensitive system. Mostly I avoided high copper foods and any stimulants. For me it was important not to detox too much too fast. I needed to be able to work. Once I discovered that I had the MTHFR gene problem I was able to more clearly understand how to go about taking care of myself. I highly recommend getting tested for it. Almost 50% of the population has this genetic disorder. Check it out at I hope you find this helpful. Wishing you a gentle recovery and journey back to health.



  96. Daisy permalink

    Please email me, id love to know your result. please and thank you. I have a few questions but once we get in touch I’ll ask.

  97. Olava permalink

    THank you for this post
    After having a copper iud for 18 months and having zero gyn issue and tons of back and hip pain and body soreness and psoriasis symtoms and sometimes a racing heart and being told my doc that iud would not cause that I was finally googling for hours one night and found posts like yours and decided it had to go …

    Once i got my iud pulled and felt better within hours- !- not fully recovered but better
    And wow what a relief .
    And I also saw within 24 hours some of my psoriasis relax and look less inflamed
    I am on day 2 since removal and so thankful I got thAt out .
    I did not even think about the long term detox needs so I really appreciate your info.
    I am going to look into the hair analysis option – can give me info on this Prescott doc ?
    Thank u 🙂

    • Hi there. I believe the Docs name in Prescott is Dr. Lawrence Wilson. So glad you removed the IUD. Hopefully now you can start detoxing gently. Wishing you a full recovery and optimal health everyday!!


  98. Evelyn permalink

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I had my Paraguard inserted 1 month ago, and now I have a sizable bald spot that keeps getting bigger. I haven’t made any other changes except getting the IUD and now I’m worried it may be due to copper toxicity. I am going to see if I can find a specialist in Chicago until I can have it removed in 2 weeks (the earliest appointment I was able to get).

  99. Raluca Lucan permalink

    Hey Robin. I’m so glad to hear that figured this out. I had this problem too after I had a severe anemia and my doctor prescribed me pills with iron and copper in them. I was intoxicated in 2 weeks and struggled to figure this out for 3 months… After everything doctor I went to recomamded I should see a shrink and start taking antidepressants ! I’ll also tell you what helped me feel better while detoxing.. And it’s magnesium supplements… They help a lot through the process especially with the anxiety and muscle pain. Just be careful to get good magnesium supplements and not oxide. And not in combination with calcium… All the best!

    • Yes for sure. Magnesium has been my go to supplement over many years now. It is the most easily depleted mineral due to any kind of stress. therefore it makes sense to replenish it generously everyday. Definately don’t forget the magnesium! So important!


  100. Hey love! I see this is written 5 years ago. I would LOVE to get in touch with you to see how things including your health have evolved. I am trying to heal myself also in many ways and detox my body but currently I still have my copper IUD in so I would love to ask you more about your healing process with this. Thank you so much. Please email me if you are able. —Khem

  101. Ruby Garcia permalink

    Thank you for your article. I had the paraguard for about 8 months before taking it out. I felt absolutely terrible on it and my doctor made me feel like I was crazy, pretty much. I experienced my hands and feet falling asleep, numbing and tigling. I was a 32 year old woman with absolutely no prior health problems. That was almost 5 years ago. I’m 36 now and I still feel some effects of poor circulation and numbing on my hands and feet. What supplements did u take to get the copper out? I knew after 5 minutes of having the IUD inserted in me that it was going to cause me problems. I felt a shot of numbness from my middle finger all the way up to shoulder as I drove back to work after the procedure. I wish I would have listened to My body but I guess I needed to experience this. Please tell me which supplements the doctor from AZ recommmenfed to you.

    Thank you,

    • hi there. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. It is a struggle to detox from the copper. I completely understand your concern. I can’t remember the supplements exactly from the doctor in Prescott. I know one of them was kelp. Which actually made me feel quite a bit worse. Once I stopped taking the kelp my condition did improve. Not every supplement program is for everyone. You have to figure out what works for you. I did not have any success with the doctor in Prescot. he is a resource for many people. But for me it was not helpful. Zinc can also catalyze detox of copper in the body. But again be very careful with this. I had to go very slow with any detoxing. I found it very important to listen to my body and to discern whether I could handle any more detoxing at that moment. Sometimes you have to stop and wait to feel slightly better to resume. I hope this is helpful. Wishing you all the best and Optimal Health every day. Sincerely, Robin.

  102. Hi Robin,I had my IUD for 8 year never had any problems until last month when I went to see my doctor to make the story short they did a lot of blood work and a 24hr urine test and it came out to be very high in copper.No one belives its form IUD but I have a feeling its for it.I do have headache and feel very tierd..What do you suggest i should do.I’m in the middle of seeing a lot of specialists but its seems like they dont know what is going on with me:(

    • Hi. Thanks for sharing with me. First of all I’m not a dr. And cannot dispense medical advice. I can only tell you what works for me. And everybody is different. I began seeing naturopaths and alternative doctors to help with my direction of detox. But mostly I learned everything on my own from my own research and listening to my body. If you feel strongly it is from the IUD than I would stick to my guns. Any doctor that didn’t support what I thought I would get rid of immediately. And find a doctor that understands what I’m talking about. When I was very sick with high copper toxicity I had to stay away from all stimulants all sugar all caffeine all chocolate. This helped me tremendously. I started a low copper diet for several years. You can find what foods are high and low in Copper at if you have more specific questions please feel free to message me again. I hope this is helpful. Take care. Robin.

  103. Ryan permalink

    Hi, please could I have your email? I’m also suffering from copper toxicity and would love someone to talk to. Thanks

  104. Blake permalink

    This is not a helpful article at all, how about a follow up with what progress you’ve had or some helpful information?

    • I’m sorry you don’t find my personal story helpful. Good luck on your healing Journey. Wishing you nothing but Optimal Health everyday.

  105. simon permalink

    why don’t you just buy a zinc glucanate supplement from any local pharmacy? in a week you would feel tottaly fine

    • Because I am homozygous for MTHFR C677. If you read the rest of my blog you would have understood that this is a genetic issue that affects the detoxing process of the body. Also known as the methylation process in the body.

    • Shelley King permalink

      Wow if only it was that simple Simon. I’ve been battling this for 14 months and after many tests, bloods, MRI scans etc… Only now am I getting somewhere with acupuncture. Dr’s do not accept Copper toxicity in UK and refuse to acknowledge it even exists!!

      • Detoxing is a complicated issue for many people. There’s no one simple fix. Thanks for your comments guys. 🙂 take care

  106. Brian permalink

    Hi Robin,
    I came across your article, my fiance is going through hell. She was poisoned by copper through ingestion at her work. It’s a long story with bad pipes, but we are having a hell of a time getting her tested and on a correct treatment plan. Please help, any guidance on where to go, places, doctors to use. Please get in touch. We are here in Arizona. We desperately need to get her taken care of.

    • Hi Brian. Thank you so much for writing me. I am terribly sorry to hear about your fiance and that she is struggling. If you’d like to email me personally we could exchange numbers and talk on the phone. It might be easier. My email is

      I might have some information for you on Physicians here in Tucson. Talk soon. Robin.

  107. Hilary permalink

    Wow Robin! I can just imagine your struggle, I dont know how long you had the IUD in…but last week I started taking some tablets given to me by a Herbalist Dr as I am trying to go off the coventional chemicals that Med Drs love putting people on and so started these tablets. The symptoms began the following day …last Sat I tk the second tablet and within 10 minutes was vomiting, a little later upset tummy, waves of dizziness, headache….but there was a tummy bug doing the rounds so I put it down to that..Feeling worse after each tablet five days after having taken the tablet each morning I checked to find that the tablets contain Chelated Copper…so I goigled and there were 9 of the 11 toxic reactions I was having….I was so flabberghasted that no warning of their may be side effects so be aware. Nothing. I thought i had a bug but In fact I was been poisoned. An awful experience. I hope you will fully recovered soon…

  108. jess permalink

    It’s amazing how silly I feel that this info was RIGHT here infront of my eyes too.. I just trusted the ‘professionals’ information but THANK YOU.

    You have reinstated my sanity after a year of feeling like I’m loosing grip !!

    Getting mine removed ASAP


    • Hi Jess. I wish you all the best in a speedy recovery! These things can be challenging to figure out. You’re on the right track. 🙂 keep us all posted. Take care Robin.

  109. Sheridan Gomez permalink

    Hi robin! I am having the same problem and I still have the copper you I wanted a natural hormone but have had horable side effects , everyone thinking I was crazy it was my iud. I was wondering if your system has been working for you in the past years as I see this was written 5 years ago.

    Thank you!

    • Hello and thank you so much for reaching out to me to write. Yes I am doing much better these days. It was a process of figuring many things out about my health. The IUD just being one of them. But I am recovered enough today to have a fairly normal life. I still need to be careful with eating proper foods and careful with my stress level but most of the time I enjoy life to the fullest. Going through a copper toxicity is very difficult and a terrible struggle. But you should know it does get better especially if you can learn to manage your stress with it. Take great care! And keep me posted on how your recovery goes. Robin.

  110. Julie permalink

    Wow Robin! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am haveing my IUD (copper) removed in 2 days and I can not wait. I have the exact symptoms you do. Only I have had my IUD for about 8 years now. At the time I had it inserted, my life was full of chaos! I was going through a divorce and my daughter was leaving the home ( she had turned 19) Shortly after I got into an abusive relationship and about one year after the insertion of the IUD I ended up on life support due to double pneumonia. After 3 weeks in the hospital I was just never the same. I ended up in the hospital 3 more times with pneumonia and could just never get better. Whenever I would get a simple cold or flu that was going around I would end up in the ER and out of work for a month. Slowly I seemed to be getting a little better but never 100% myself. Since Then I have meant an amazing man and tried to go on with life but I’m still always exhausted and seem to have arthritis, gluten sensitivity, headaches, thyroid storm….. You name it! I have it. Recently, due to heavy periods ( haveing a pad on 24/7) my gyno ordered an ultrasound and found my IUD had inbeded itself in between my ovaries. That’s when it hit me. My IUD!!!! I googled ‘Is my IUD making me sick’ and wow! Women everywhere are having the same issues I am haveing. I only wish I had payed closer attention to my body in those times of chaos. I just listened to the doctors how said it was “stress” I am so pissed off at the medical community for not doing more research on this thing they are putting into our body’s. It is up to us to do our own research to keep ourselves healthy. I have had to do a lot of my own research in this fight to get my life back. I just wanted to say Thank you for writing this. I hope women everywhere read this. God Bless you and I wish you a speedy recovery!

    • Hi Julie thank you so much for writing me! I’m so glad to hear that you took control of your health and started doing your own research and listening to your intuition. That is the first step. And then it continues on from there every day in life we have to pay attention very close attention to our bodies and ourselves. I wish you a speedy recovery and please keep us all posted on how you do on your journey to health. Take great care. Wishing you Optimal Health every day. Robin.

  111. Zoe permalink


    Thank you so much for posting this. I had the copper IUD in for a month when my symptoms started and they are the exact same as yours although I suffer from depersonalisation disorder which causes a sense of detachment from reality. I have a hair mineral analysis test booked and I am hoping this will give me answers.
    Can I ask how you are coping today? Are you better and able to enjoy life?

    Thank you,

    A very desperate teenager from Scotland aka Zoë x

    • Hi. Thank you for writing me. Yes I am doing much better today. It was a process of healing and it was a struggle but you should know that it does get better. I will always have to be careful with high copper foods and careful with my stress level but other than that I need a fairly normal life now. I wish you well and Optimal Health everyday! Robin.

  112. Hi

    a friend of me find the same problem you have and travel to all searching you have allready do

    and yesterday when i find your blog its was a revelation to see all your story .. and i send it to her .. she was so happy to see she is not along … with all this doctor that diagnose anything excep copper toxicity because blood dont show anything…

    she have it 14 years and she never know why she have all this intense problem

    seriously a great thanks to share it with us …. its very appreciated that you take the time to explain it all to everyone …

    never a take time to answer a blog but now i do because its just wow …

    • I’m glad that you found my blog helpful. That is all I wish for anybody. Hopefully some people will find a little nugget of helpful information in there for them. Wishing you and your friend all the best take care. Robin.

  113. sorry im french so my English maybe its not perfect 😦

  114. Lynda keft permalink

    Hi, my name is Lynda. I’m from Australia. Congratulations on your information . I , too have copper toxicity and have struggled to find help. I was diagnosed as post natal depression at age 25 . I am now 60 and have been detoxing for 9 months. It’s like someone turned on the colour. My world was dark and frightening. Depression, panic, anxiety, social phobia and heavy medication.
    I became suicidal after long years of trying to cope. My world is very different now , and I am also.
    It seems I have a genetic form of it.
    Although I’m feeling better I’m unable to work. It has taken a huge toll on my body . I wish us both well in our new lives….. best wishes, Lynda

    • Hi Linda. I’m so sorry it’s taking me awhile to get back to you but I am really glad you wrote To Me. I wish you nothing but a gentle journey through detoxing the copper. And I’m so glad that you finally figured out what was causing your problems. It can be so devastating for many people for many years until they do enough investigation to discern how the copper was affecting them. Glad to hear that you have figured out that piece of the puzzle. Wishing you Optimal Health every day take great care. Robin.

  115. Josh Frazier permalink

    I saw this post are there any updates since writing this

    • Hi there. I’m not exactly sure when my last post was. I think it was probably a few years ago. But there’s still a lot of good information in there regarding copper toxicity and the MTHFR genetic disorder. Wishing you all the best. Take care. Robin.

    • Hi Josh. I dont update much anymore. I am currently living life a little and taking a break from research etc. Hope you are well.

  116. I think a copper iud can also cause autism

  117. Trisha permalink

    Hi- thank you so much for posting your story. I will have surgery on the 13th to remove my IUD. It has traveled too far up. What are some of the natural things you did to detox?

    • Hi. On my blog I have a “resource page” that lists many things that worked for me. A little too many to list in an email. Scroll thru the posts and you will come upon it pretty quickly. hope you are feeling better sooon.

  118. Kathleen permalink

    Hi!! I am so glad I have researched the copper toxicity as I had the copper iud and have been experiencing all these EXACT things!!! And for the past few weeks my hair is falling out in clumps!! That is what made me get down to research business. I’m scared and worried and the doctors don’t give a crap!! Help! It didn’t specifically mention if you experienced hair loss.

    • Hi there. I didnt experience loss of hair, but not in clumps. it just slowly got thinner and thinner. Now it has started regenerating which is nice. Toxicity is so hard on all of our organs! Good luck on your healing journey!

  119. Jenny permalink

    Hi! Supplementation with zinc (especially picolinate, 50 mg) removes copper. It is more important the ratio zinc/copper than the single amounts. This ratio has to be 10:7. If copper is more, there is imbalance and risk of polyuria (low zinc and b6). 15% of people suffer it and don’t know it. Take an online test for polyuria, you have many symptoms. I take the active form of b6 which is p5p. Also methylfolate helps in this case. Whit this regimen also social anxiety disappears

  120. Jenny permalink

    Sorry! I meant pyroluria, not polyuria. A good online test is here:

  121. Melinda Sullivan permalink

    My life changed abruptly on 4/24/2017, I had a severe migraine and couldn’t get rid of it, then started having what I thought was seizures but after multiple ER visits and scans,EEG’s came back normal was told I’m not having seizures, I have had slurred speech since the end of April with weakness, fatigue, mental confusion and concentration problems, I continue to have episode where the right side of my face droops daily and when I have these episodes I have severe intense pains through my head and I can’t speak at all, I have had times where I can’t move my arms or legs but not every time. I have seen neurologist where I live and told by him that I have conversion disorder, he has never done any testing outside of what was done in the ER, he did however recommend that I see a psychiatrist. Months have passed and I continue to have all of the same problems including my vision and speech seem to be getting worse, I have not worked since 4/24/2017 and have not been able to drive or be left alone due to the symptoms and episodes I have, I developed new symptoms about a month ago where now out of the blue I just start vomiting and this happens every couple to few days. My PCP sent me to the Mayo Clinic and they drawed 15 viols of blood and done MRI testing and I haven’t been back yet for the results of the test but I can view my results on my patient portal and the MRI essentially says it was normal, it did say something about a few white matter flares but overall normal, I could also see my lab results and my RBC’s are high and my Copper Serum is high not really sure what this means but concerned

  122. Ang permalink

    Are you ok now?

    • Hi thank you for asking. I am much better now. Although I still struggle with detoxing in general due to a genetic issue I have. Hope you are well.

  123. jenniemarielmt permalink

    I just stumbled across this. I am dealing with almost the smart issue currently, doing everything in my power to overcome. Have done much of the same testing and treatments!
    I’m thinking maybe I should blog my birth control experiences!

  124. Michelle Gomez permalink

    I have struggled for YEARS due to a copper IUD. Some days are better than others, this week has been rough. I then work myself into total panic mode. I would love some feedback, plus it’s encouraging for me to know maybe some can help! Although I’ve gone through this long enough to know it’s real. I know my body. I could go on and on! Well this sucks and I pray for anyone who suffers from this mess that our bodies heal soon!

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